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It's Unique!

Published:Thursday | January 12, 2017 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Damion Stewart from Unique EatsJa displays his delectable coconut curried shrimp (right) and quinoa with wild rice.
Chicken with snow peas is a must-try.
Healthy and nutritious quinoa and wild rice to complement your protein.
Stir-fried steak with broccoli. A healthy meal has never looked this good.
Have a healthy dose of pleasure with the chicken with kale and carrot.
Sink your teeth into this mouth-watering coconut curried shrimp with okra.

Combining your healthy lifestyle and doing something that you love is a unique opportunity. Chef Damion Stewart has managed to blend both with Unique EatsJa.

Unique EatsJa is a meal-delivery service that prepares five to 10 meals for clients weekly. The meals are individually packed in microwaveable containers. They are delivered on Sundays to help individuals who want to ensure that they maintain a balanced diet during the week. It is a lot of work, Stewart admits, but he ensures that he puts love and care into preparing each meal.




The truth is, while he loves what he does, it did not start out as a business plan. He started a lifestyle change, overhauling his diet and began working out, and persons he worked out with started asking him to make lunch for them. The requests grew, and he had a light-bulb moment when his friend suggested that he make a business out of it.

Getting clients was easy, balancing it with his nine-to-five was more challenging, but he learnt how to cope.

Since he started in 2015, business has been growing steadily. What he is most pleased with are his client's results. He loves the responses from clients.

"We prepare for individuals who just want a lifestyle change, and even for women who are trying to fit into that wedding dress. When she fits in, or when they are seeing the weight loss from this change, it feels really good to know that you are a part of that," states Stewart.

While the food is prepared for a healthier lifestyle, as a chef, Stewart doesn't believe in having a bland meal. So while he eliminates certain ingredients such as butter and cheese for healthy options, he does ensure that it appeals to the Jamaican palate. He also tries to keep his seasonings and products as local as possible.

"I am well aware of our palate. We love our food spicy and well seasoned, so I ensure that it is flavourful," he says.

And with dishes such as coconut curried shrimp with okra, served with quinoa and wild rice, it is mission accomplished, as while you are having something healthy, you are left feeling full and your palates satisfied.

Future plans includes a juice bar and branching out from only delivery to a dine-in service.

Unique EatsJa

Contact: 290-1663


Instagram and Facebook: unique.eatsja

Delivery in the Kingston 6, 8 and 10 area on Sundays.

Pickups arranged on request.

Orders close Friday at midday.