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Have a 'Foodie' Expedition

Published:Thursday | January 19, 2017 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Feast on the meal overlooking the city.
Island Squeez has its own natural blend – a must try.
One of the hits of Island Squeez – coconut turn cornmeal.
Two toe-curling beverages, courtesy of Island Squeez - tropical medley (left) and protein shake.
The impeccable design of the bar, living up to the theme of the restaurant.
A truly Jamaican dish – steamed fish with okra and crackers served with rice and peas and tossed salad.
Yes, we all love a good curried goat with plain rice served with tossed salad. And this one is good!
Head chef Basil Kelly shows off the delectable pineapple glazed chicken wings with bammy and vegetable.
Don't you just want to dig into this mouth-watering vegetable pasta?
A tasty vegetarian treat – BBQ fruit wrap.
Sink your teeth into this Philly cheesesteak sandwich and taste beef heaven.
The 'cruisers' that make it happen. From left: Veronica McKlean, Dameisha Campbell, Clayton Barrett, Charmrose Grant, Andre Clarke, Gordia James, Basil Kelly and Tishai Green.

On the busy streets of downtown Kingston, you can get whisked away on a 'foodie' expedition at Island Squeez.

Owner Kevin Pearson told Food that he wanted to create a restaurant 'with a difference', something that no one has done before. And that is what he did with Island Squeez - developing a unique ship concept for his restaurant.

The restaurant was conceptualised in December 2014 and expanded in March 2016. You take the staircase to board the 'ship', make your way off a makeshift deck and into a wooden-like structure. The sea theme spreads throughout the entire restaurant. From the entry to the fish ponds placed, you could quickly start feeling as if you are on a cruise. The ambience is captivating.

The menu is extensive, with something for all to enjoy. There is no staple lunch menu, so diners 'on board' won't get tired of the same old dishes. The menu changes daily. However, Jamaican favourites like fried chicken (served daily) are given special consideration. They also have dishes for vegetarian customers.

With so many hits on the menu, it's hard for Pearson to pick just one that is most popular. But, the fried and barbie-fried chicken are quite popular. Customers also love the coconut curried chicken, chicken alfredo pasta and the turn cornmeal.

"People even love our rice and peas. They said it is so good it does not even need the gravy," Pearson added.

Head chef Basil Kelly also noted that customers love the Chardonnay-glazed fish fingers. While he loves preparing the pasta, he has another favourite.

"There is a certain sauce that we add to a few of our dishes and I like anything that I mix with that, but specifically the barbecued pork," Kelly revealed.

The restaurant has special themed days, such as the 'Super fly Wings' , 'Stewed peas Wednesdays', 'Sandwich Thursdays' and 'Pasta Fridays'.

Island Squeez also offers lunch and breakfast. And, as an added bonus, customers can have meals from the breakfast menu throughout the day.

When it comes to beverages, this 'ship' also keeps it natural, offering its own blends of natural juices. The hit is the pumpkin juice which has an unexpected sweet and creamy flavour, which is just heavenly.

Further expansion is in the works. The hope is to launch a gaming lounge called CruiserZ Lounge on the same property by the end of this month. The decor will be an extension of the ship theme, but with more of a battleship feel. There will be cannon-like peepholes where customers and hostesses will interact. Pool and domino tables will be a fixture, along with cocktails of all kinds for patrons to enjoy. Exciting times are clearly ahead.

Island Squeez

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