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Sip Healthy and Live Long with Sip and Go

Published:Thursday | January 26, 2017 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Not a vegetable person? This lean, green green juice will go down smoothly.
This Power Crunch is a great protein shake for all.
Have a chicken salad that will give you all you need.
This will Summer Breeze will take you to the beach.
This tuna sandwich will satisfy all cravings, guilt free.
Green Punch is a perfect blend of protein and greens.
Sink your teeth into this chicken wrap.
The entrance of the cosy Sip and Go at Clarke's Plaza.
A tasty tuna salad is great for the soul.

Sip and Go is giving a new look to fast food with their soulful smoothies and fresh menu.

Alicia Roberts started Sip and Go in July 2016 after continuously facing a dilemma of finding a healthy meal daily. She always had a problem finding something that was healthy and could be had on the go. Therefore, she decided to start with a smoothie. There was simply no better option for the name.

"I believe that fast food is revolutionary and does not have to be the traditional kind or unhealthy," she told Food.

It was not an easy road because finding a location was a bit difficult. Her current Molynes Road location did not feel ideal at first but now she has come to realise that is was to her benefit.

"I thought that coming here would be difficult for my business because I am surrounded by cookshops and I was uncertain if Sip and Go would be able to thrive here," she admitted. "But it did. The cookshops complement the location because persons will come for a smoothie or a green juice to accompany their meals. This is different and people are always looking for something different."

Roberts did quite a bit of research to develop recipes that would appeal to everyone. She breaks down her smoothies into three categories: Power Blast for smoothies that should promote energy; Green Go, for her green juices; and Fruit Blends for her fruit smoothies. Under each, there are customer favourites like the 'Step off' that has customers' favourite ingredient the 'bedroom bully' - an assortment of nuts and grains. Green Go's favourite is the 'Ninja Turtle', that gets its sweetness from the apple and pineapple and the 'Fruit Sensation' is sensational with banana, watermelon, and papaya, among other fruit favourites.

Sip and Go has established itself as more than a smoothie stop, but you can expect to go there for a healthy meal.

Wraps, sandwiches and salads are available for all to enjoy. She believed that this would be a great complement, and it has been. Business has been growing and she is feeling very pleased when she sees repeat customers.

She sees Sip and Go as a wellness haven, where they even go to corporate entities to cater to events and give tips.

Roberts is happy to change one life at a time through her mission statement, 'promoting healthy eating habits through healthy sips.'

Sip and Go

98 Molynes Road, Kingston

Contact: 852-5412

Instagram: @sipngojuicebar

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