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It’s all in the gravy

Published:Thursday | February 2, 2017 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
For most Jamaicans, you can’t have fried chicken without curry gravy.

Nothing screams lunchtime for Jamaicans more than rice and peas with fried chicken. The unofficial national dish has taken over with a new twist on the culinary tradition of Sunday's rice and peas.

The combination is of the Sunday best with Friday's crispy treat of deep-fried poultry. For so many, however, their order is not complete without a special gravy that ties it all together - curry. Yes, fried chicken with rice and peas and curry gravy.

So, since it's all in the gravy, we asked a few of our local foodies which gravy they prefer with our unofficial national dish.

Here is what some of them had to say:

I love curry gravy it adds more spice to the entire meal and has great flavour.

- Natalie Beckford, female

I really like stew chicken or barbecued pork gravy. They're both my favourite types of meat and I love the flavour that they add to the fried chicken.

- Leon Jarrett, male

Nuh curry gravy, man. You know you would like to buy a mixed food but it's too expensive so you settle for the little curry gravy. Or sometimes you really want the chicken, but you want the essence of curry because you don't really like their chicken gravy.

- Sasha Miller, female

I love oxtail gravy, and it's different from the traditional curry that seems to be a staple in Jamaica. I especially like when a little broad bean and chunks of oxtail get away.

- Ramon Hoo, male

Curry gravy is always my choice because it's the best of both worlds, with fried chicken and curry, that is.

- Lasanna Allen, female

Curry chicken gravy because I don't eat red meat, and it gives the food a better taste. For me, rice and peas with fried chicken and curry gravy is Jamaica's national dish.

- Jerome Nelson, male

My favourite gravy would have to be curry. It tastes really nice, rich in flavour.

- Arcilla Rodney, female.

Definitely curry! Curry just complements the fried chicken well, you know. Curry is what I defend, hands down.

- Davion Smith, male.

Stew chicken gravy is my first pick, especially if it's spicy. For me, it pulls everything together and just completes the meal.

- Nicola Ellis, female

Curried goat gravy adds more flavour for me, and I get extra meat from the gravy.

- Stephen Amos, male

What gravy do you pair with your fried chicken and rice and peas with? Share your answers with us at