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Palatable plans for Lent

Published:Thursday | March 2, 2017 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
This is the perfect Jamaican-Italian fusion - sweet Scotch bonnet pork pasta.
Jerked pork.

As we begin the Lenten season, many opt to give up certain habits and tendencies for the season. For those of us who are planning to focus on our figure, we tend to put some restrictions on our palate.

Food asked a few of its readers what food they were planning to give up for Lent and why. As an added bonus, we've provided a few recommendations on the little sacrifices you could make for the season.

I'm planning to give up pork because it's something I've never done without eating.

-Abbey Gibbs, female

I haven't thought about it, but probably sweets because I have a huge sweet tooth and as dentist in training I should be setting a good example for my patient. But also to stop depending on it to keep me calm.

-Nicola Ellis, female.

Anything processed. Breads, pasta and processed sugars will no longer be a part of my diet. I feel better making my own food and knowing what is in it, than buying on the road.

-Tonisha Ngozi, female

I will be giving up meat during the week but not on weekends. This is basically to refocus my energy to reset my biological and spiritual clock to reflect deeply on the sacrifice the Lord has made for me.

-Zanya Henry, female.

How can you make this change for lent?

1. our can start small: it could be that you cut out sweets, something small but constant, or snacks. Or maybe something as poignant as alcohol, that may also help you to shed a few pounds.

2. You can go big. Looking to start that lifestyle change? Then now is the best time do so. Try your palate at going vegan or vegetarian for 40 days and see what that has in store for you.

3. You can be specific. These sacrifice can be as personal as you would want them to be. So if you know you have an obsession with something in particular, like sodas for instance, challenge yourself to rise to the occasion and cut it off for a period of time. You will be surprised that after it all, you will no longer have that craving you once did.

But whatever you plan to do take it one day at a time. Its only for 40 days you can do it!