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Cakes Couture Ja

Published:Thursday | March 16, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Cake couture
Cake couture
Cake couture
Cake couture
Cake couture

Nothing screams special occasion more than an eye-pleasing main attraction that satisfies your sweet tooth. "What main attraction?' you may ask, 'It's all about the cake!'

With the tasty artistry of Camille Flinm, your sweet tooth will have to put its money where its mouth is, if they want to walk away with one of her mouth-watering cakes.

From desserts to candy stations to custom edible toppers and wedding cakes, Flimn does it all. Her eye for detail and undeniable talent in customising and sculpting cakes creates edible works of art.

Growing up with a baker extraordinaire as a mother, it is easy to think that Flimn has been doing this all her life. Surprisingly, she had no interest in the field. All that changed when Flimn's four gems required four birthday parties per year, and ordering themed cakes was not in her budget. With a little guidance from her mother, and some online research, Flimn created masterpieces that were loved by most and help kick-start her businessCake Couture Ja.

Cake Couture Ja allows Flimn to experience the best of both worlds playing while being her own boss. Guided by her love and passion, in no time Cake Couture Ja was transformed from a part-time venture into a full-fledged sweet treat business.

In explaining the technicalities of cake artistry, Flimn shares with Food that she draws inspiration from cake images online or actual images from clients. If she is to make a television character, for example, she will watch at least five 10 episodes of the programme to see how the characters move and interact with each other, as well as their surroundings. This helps to produce a more accurate, three-dimensional sculpted cake.

"I normally try to find ways to make my client's cakes their own, as opposed to something they've simply found on the Internet. My speciality is bespoke creations with my client's needs in mind. Anything you can conceive, I will find a way to achieve. All you have to do is pitch a concept, and allow me to build on it," she revealed.

After spending hours drawing detailed illustrations, Flimn spends hours in the hardware store, trying to conceptualise a structure that is suitable for the cake design. She explains that climate also plays a major role in the longevity of the design. She notes that it is important to let your cake decorator know whether your function will be held in a controlled environment or outdoors and the potential limitations involved.

Though Flimn embraces her growth, she admits that being a 'one-woman show' has been challenging. She hopes to expand her business and explore the avenue of teaching cake artistry. Being a two-time winner of the Sweet Art Bake Expo, Flimn won a scholarship to participate in the chocolatier programme at the International Culinary Center in New York and is looking forward to attending the course, and, hopefully, become a chocolatier as well. Here are some of Flimn's breathtaking designs.