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To eat or not to eat

Published:Thursday | March 23, 2017 | 9:23 AMKrysta Anderson

Bully beef, corned beef, whatever you may call it, has been coming under some serious fire recently, with the government putting a ban on the canned good being imported from Brazil, for reasons of contamination. So we took our questions to our beloved readers and food lovers. We asked: how do you feel about the corned beef ban? Did you have any corn beef in your cupboard before the announced ban? And if so, what do you plan to do with it?

I agree with the ban. It's about time the Jamaican government stand up for the safety of the people and stop accepting what left, diseases and other foolishness from other countries. There are more things that needs to be banned too. Luckily, I had no corn beef and if I did, I would definitely throw it out.
Cathy Risden, female.

I feel I may have one tin. It was bought from before though. I'm eating it same way. But I will wait until this is over before buying any new tins.
Mario Evon, male.

I don't buy Brazilian corn beef. I actually have not eaten corn beef in a while because of its high salt content even though I love a good corn beef sandwiches, but if they are putting rotten meat in it, I would recommend that persons stay away from that brand.
Tracey Hamilton, female.

I think the ban is a good move to avoid any harm to population here in Jamaica. Currently, I have none in my cupboard and I don't plan on buying any until this whole thing passes and weíre back to normal.
Sadiki Bryan, male.

I had no corn beef, due to Lent. Thank God! I personally think if they have substantial evidence that the possibility of rotten meat exists then the best thing to do is follow protocol and ban it until it can be cleared up. The same people arguing would get even louder if someone got sick and it came to light nothing was done. Protocols are put in place for a reason.
Chelan Smith, female.

Yes! Always have corned beef in my cupboard. I'm not certain what to do with them now. The info so far from the government has been sketchy. They need to give full details about the ban, why is there a ban, and should they have a cut off for corned beef manufactured at certain dates? It canít be that something is wrong with all the corn beef we have been eating since this year because the ones I have now I bought from December.
Jermaine Francis, male.

Personally, I don't eat corn beef. But if the government says the ban is for our safety, so we should not have any then and just throw them out. But they should reduce the price on other tin foods to compensate us for the loss.
Mishka Anderson, female.

I'll be cooking it down and eating it with some rice, because I'm sure Grace and Lasco don't get it from Brazil.
Jordache Jones.

I'm upset. I have three tins that I plan to throw out soon, just waiting on some more information from the government.
Victoria Stewart, female.

We did have corned beef in the cupboard - one last tin and we just decided not to use it. I don't think we going to purchase any more until further news on it.
Adrian Loague, male.