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Un-Wine even better the second time around

Published:Thursday | April 27, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Roasted beef tenderloin topped with mixed mushroom and a port reduction, Yorkshire pudding and Brussel sprouts in a brown nut butter.
Refreshing watermelon intermezzo.
Roasted mélongène with wonton crisps crab cake with black truffle mayo and butter-poached lobster with tangerine glaze.
An assortment of hors d'oeuvres.
The dynamic duo of Débè-Ann Lange-Chen (left) and Ruth Levy, artistic director of Inception Design, chilling at the end of it all.
Roger Drinkall sandwiched by the mother-daughter duo of Débè-Ann (left) and Gillian Lange-Chen.
Chef Teddy plating the crab cakes, lobster and roasted melongene with wonton crisps.
CPJ’s wine selection for the night.

Mandeville, Manchester, came alive recently with the second staging of 'Debe and Mike's 'Un-Wine' wine-pairing event.

The seven-course dinner, called 'The Art of Wine' was hosted by Debe-Ann Lange-Chen of Cutting Edge Gourmet, Mike Turner from CPJ Wines, Roger Drinkall from Brunswick, and Audley Knight from VMBS.

The evening started with assorted hors d'oeuvres and champagne cocktails, before guests delved into the 'meat of the matter'. Paired with wines from CPJ, the first dish was smoked marlin chowder with creme frache, paired with Las Moras Barrel select Chardonnay. This strong white was needed for the savoury marlin.

Next up was roasted melange with wonton crisps crab cake and black truffle mayo butter-poached lobster with tangerine glaze. The Kendal Jackson Vintner's Reserve Pinot Gris, with its acidity and burst of fruits, played well with both the truffle mayo and tangerine glaze. A very aromatic wine to match a very aromatic dish.




The roasted suckling pig with a sweet potato wedge and crunch slaw was paired with Josh Pinot Noir central coast. This created pork and Pinot Noir heaven. Cranberries and cherries lead the palate with a smooth oak and vanilla finish.

The roasted beef tenderloin topped with mixed mushroom and a pork reduction along with Yorkshire pudding with brussel sprouts in a brown nut butter, was paired with the Trapiche oak cask Cabernet Sauvignon. With bold and elegant notes of oak, dark berries and chocolate, its bold tannin and richness played off the tenderloin and mushroom mix perfectly.

The cherry on top for the evening was the pavlova chocolate fudge salted caramel brownie pear tart. The fetzer Gewurtztraminer, with more than just sweet notes but great flavours of jasmine, lemon and floral notes, went beautifully with the soft fruit notes of the pavlova pear mix.

While enjoying the delicious dishes, guests were treated to the musical stylings of the BL Uprint Steel band. So enthralled were they by the performance that they got up and danced between courses. It all made for a very lively evening in cool, cool Mandeville.