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Mai Tai tantalises taste buds

Published:Thursday | April 20, 2017 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson

When you hear the name Mai Tai, soca immediately comes to mind, but the festivities were not limited to gyrations of the waistline. They also tantalised taste buds with bursts of rich flavour, courtesy of Unique Eats Ja.

From succulent jerk chicken bites, Jasmine pumpkin rice pilaf, scrumptious Thai style shrimp wraps to creamy Preggo sausage Alfredo pasta and delectable Preggo sausage marinara pasta, Unique Ja had their fair share of dishes to choose from and had everyone devouring in no time!

When they were ready to wash it down, CocoNut Job came to the rescue with refreshing jellies, stamped with Caesar's Army insignia. And as for elevating levels of intoxication, Heineken saved the day with their wide variety of mixed cocktails, which encouraged patrons to 'wuk up' all night long. Just in case you missed these tasty offerings, here's a sneak peek of all things savoury and sweet from Mai Tai.