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Always the weekend at The Pub

Published:Thursday | June 29, 2017 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
The chicken wrap is a pleasurable treat.
The pub sandwich.
Bite into this chicken pasta.
Donovan Taylor making the apple martini.
A little Sangster's Rum Cream in your mudslide makes everything so nice.
A customer favourite – the chicken club sandwich.
Make it Hot and Sexy.
We all love a good strawberry daiquiri.
Let the bartender treat you to his special mix.
This apple martini is perfect for the summer.

Sometimes we want to get away to a place with good food and great cocktails. Whether it be alone, with that special someone, or an evening with friends, then The Pub's the place for you.


In photo: This apple martini is perfect for the summer.-Gladstone Taylor.

Contrary to its name, The Pub is a cosy hideaway restaurant and bar on West King's House Road. The music is always loud enough to keep you tapping your feet, but soft enough to allow patrons to have a conversation.

Manager Howard McIntosh tells Food that his customers have become like family. Everyone knows each other because once you visit, it's hard not to return to a place with such an alluring ambiance.


In photo: Bite into this chicken pasta. -Gladstone Taylor.

The location is diverse catering to everyone; it has an inside bar for dining or enjoying a drink, or if you want to embrace the cool air - the patio area outside works just as well. If you want a romantic evening by the pool, then that is also available. So instead of having the best of both worlds you have the best of three at this cosy haven.



And then there are the cocktails. Nothing says TGIF, happy weekend or 'let's chill' like a great cocktail. The Pub boasts a well-stacked bar with wines, spirits and an abundance of libation to cater to your ever need. They have every one's favourite - the strawberry daiquiri - not a virgin, of course, as their mix includes the smooth Wray & Nephew's white over proof rum. 


A little Sangster's Rum Cream in your mudslide makes everything so nice. -Gladstone Taylor

If you are ever undecided about what you really want, maybe you should just ask for the bartender mix. This mix includes Campari and J. Wray & Nephew over proof rum with a mixture of other special secret ingredients to give you a mix to remember.

Now, if you are hot and sexy, why not try the mix that truly reflects you? The Pub has created the Hot and Sexy - a cocktail that includes Appleton Special. Do not sell yourself short, this sultry drink is for everyone.


Donovan Taylor making the apple martini.-Gladstone Taylor.

While you enjoy your drink, why not make it a full dining experience? The Pub offers a varied menu. A customer favourite is their chicken club sandwich and they also have a strong affection for the chicken wrap. However, if you are looking for something more creamy, then do not hesitate to order their chicken pasta to hit that delectable spot.

To fulfil all your dining desires, you can take it to the Pub where it is always the weekend with good vibes, good people, great food and even better beverages.


The Pub

4 West King's House Road

Contact: 926-1612