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Get in gear for INJ!N, powered by Red Stripe

Published:Wednesday | August 16, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Teino Evans (left) and Jody-Anne Lawrence getting ready to mix the INJ!N during a mix-off at the Gleaner’s Sports Club.
INJ!N Cruise – INJ!N mixed with Red Stripe, a smooth cocktail for a relaxing afternoon.
Mixologist St. Aublyn Kidd preparing some samples of INJ!N sampling and mixing of INJ!N at the Gleaner’s Sports Club on Monday August 14.

INJ!N is here with new bitters, courtesy of Red Stripe.

There was a special media mix-off held on Monday at the Gleaner Company (Media) Limited that had a head-to-head matchup between Teino Evans and Jody-Anne Lawrence. They were given five minutes to make three cocktails using INJ!N. Both did well, but Evans topped Lawrence to claim the prize.

Mixing was then left to the expert, 'Captain Kidd', who came along with the Red Stripe team to show us the versatility of INJ!N, which is an alcoholic drink made with a unique blend of herbs and fruits with a refreshing bitter-sweet taste. It could also fall into the category of a tonic wine and it is great for every event and can be served au naturel for those who like a strong drink, mixed with the ones who like to explore, on the rocks or without you - take your pick. Captain Kidd, with his ever-charming smile and quick yet steady hands, showed us all how to rev the INJ!N of our palates.

While bitters are often viewed as a male drink, even the women could appreciate the sweet undertones and some of the cocktail mixes. There was something for everyone.

Here are a few of the INJ!N beverages that were sampled responsibly:


Lighter Vibe


For the pure INJ!N lovers who want it a bit lighter; marketed for after-party activities.

Directions: Mix INJ!N with flavoured water to taste. The choice is yours.


Full REV


Get your palates in gear for this one. This is a warm up for the activities to come later that night.

Directions: 60ml INJIN to 40ml Guarana served on the rocks.


INJ!N Cruise


For that summer barbecue or just an afternoon get-together.

Directions: 40ml INJIN and 60ml Red Stripe and just drink.


Don Gorgon


Yes, this will go down really smooth.

Directions: 40ml INJ!N and 60ml Dragon; best when chilled.