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Diverse offerings at PAN Regional 1

Published:Wednesday | September 6, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Orville Samuels, representing the parish of St Elizabeth, tending to his Pan chicken.
A very happy patron with not one but two Bad Dawg hot dogs.
Regional 1 of PAN 2017 offered delicious morsels of pan chicken.
Sweet corn courtesy of Homegrown by Imagination Farms.
Even though it was a chicken event, Copperwood Pork was on hand with delicious pork.

A diverse food offering was available in abundance at the recent staging of PAN 2017 Regional 1 held in Black River, St Elizabeth recently.

Held at Independence Park and hosted by CB Foods, the event saw food lovers enjoying not only delicious, mouthwatering pan chicken prepared by the PAN competitors, but also several additional tasty options provided by PAN sponsors.

The pan chicken competitors prepared their meat using jerk seasoning and firestick pepper sauce courtesy of Walkerswood. They then utilised pimento briquettes courtesy of Pimora by SALADA, adding a burst of flavour to the chicken. And of course, the array of sauces was concocted using Miracle Tomato Ketchup.

Of course, pan chicken would not be complete without being served with slices of fresh, soft National hard dough bread on top of strong, durable Nupak Foil.

Apart from being represented by its flagship brand, CB Chicken, CB Foods was also represented by Copperwood Pork, Happy Foods Soup, and Bad Dawg Sausages. And for the very first time, the CB Group's newest brand, Homegrown by Imagination Farms made an appearance.


Delicious array


Copperwood provided succulent barbecue jerk- pork; while Happy Foods Soup rolled out its chicken pumpkin soup and red peas soup with pig's tail. Both soups included local ground provisions, including yams, potatoes and carrots.

Homegrown by Imagination Farms debuted with their locally grown sweetcorn which was painted with the patrons' choice of Parmesan butter or cilantro butter. Persons were even still requesting the sweet corn long after it had been sold out.

Tina Hamilton, brand manager of Homegrown by Imagination Farms, proudly stated, "We are thrilled about the response we've received from the public. it was incredible everyone was so impressed that the sweetcorn was grown in Jamaica, and they all wanted to know where they could buy it."

Bad Dawg Sausages were also out with their juicy, 100 per cent real meat, pork sausages served in National's hot dog buns and topped with a selection of toppings.

Returning partner, Rainforest Seafoods offered a hearty mix of fish, shrimp, bammy, festival and salt fish fritters. In commenting on Seprod's involvement in PAN 2017, Marketing Innovation Manager Kerrian Johnson, said, "Seprod Limited is very proud to be an official sponsor of PAN 2017.

We are very honoured to have Miracle Tomato Ketchup as the official ketchup of PAN, and to once again sponsor the very successful Monster Milk Kiddie's Village. Overall, we are very satisfied with the synergies created with this event."