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Regal Dishes at Rojo

Published:Tuesday | September 19, 2017 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
Twelve-ounce of pork chops, swimming in a beer Teriyaki ginger guava sauce, served with sweet potato quenelle with local vegetables at its tastiest.
For those living on the healthier side of life, try Rojo's apple and blue cheese salad with a side of citrus Chardonnay dressing.
Chef Christopher Channer serving his savoury creation with his signature smile.

If any restaurant knows a thing or two about treating their diners like royalty, it's Rojo at Spanish Court Hotel. They've been a part of Restaurant Week (RW) since its inception and continue to spread palatable cheer to those who walk through their doors. According to General Manager Imelda Chin, RW provides the best platform for good promotion.

"We always receive positive feedback, and participating in something that is truly enjoyed by Jamaican is truly an honour," she added.

Manager for reservations and public relations, Andres Cope, explained that the customer service is exceptional, and their attention to detail coupled with satisfying the customer is what makes them a cut above the rest.

"Not a lot of places go the extra mile to see that their customers are satisfied, but we are willing to do so. We believe in our product, so it was a natural thing for us to be a part of Restaurant Week, as it allows Jamaicans to come in and experience what we have to offer. And because Restaurant Week gives a packaged menu offering, persons on a budget are able to come in and enjoy."

He continues, "Dining is an experience, and food speaks to you; when you have something eye-catching, it awakens the spirit. And the taste has to be on palate, so we are happy to be able to tap into those senses."

Chef Christopher Channer, a 15-year culinary veteran, took us on a tasty journey of what will be on their RW Menu. Making the cut are apple and blue cheese salad served with a citrus Chardonnay dressing, as well as their 12 ounces of pork chops swimming in a beer teriyaki ginger guava sauce, served with sweet potato quenelle with local vegetables. The pork chops, he says, is his specialty, as the sauce is different from the rest.

"Sometimes pork is overdone and dry, but at Rojo, we grill it to perfection, add the signature sauce, and then finish in the oven. Once we put it in the sauce and bake it, it takes in the flavour and you won't lose that liquid.You will, instead, be given a succulent result. At Spanish Court, it's one bite to the next, then repeat," he told Food.

So what are you waiting for? Book your reservation for Rojo Restaurant at Spanish Court Hotel today.

Rojo Restaurant at Spanish Court Hotel

1 St Lucia Avenue, Kingston

Tel : (876) 926-0000