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Roll into Majestic for RW

Published:Wednesday | September 20, 2017 | 12:00 AMKimberly Goodall
Inoue's Teriyaki Lobster served with string beans and zucchini.
This RW, you get to choose two sushi rolls from five options. Introducing Majestic's Scallop Teriyaki and the Pink Lady (below).

It's always a royal time at Majestic Sushi and Grill as sushi lovers come to experience tasty meals at the hands of sushi and Japanese masters, Taichi Suga and Naoya Inoue.

For Restaurant Week 2017, Majestic has recharged and created delicious sushi options with new seafood additions that will be irresistible and go down in taste bud history.

New to the Sushi bar is five options of sushi roll, and with every order you get to choose two rolls that are simply sushi heaven. Around back from the artistic hands of Inoue, there is a Teriyaki Lobster that is to die for. November couldn't come any sooner.

"We saw the love for sushi and that people love lobster and decided to add a juicy lobster dish and some new sushi rolls to the menu," Suga told Food.

Taichi Suga, who has been a part of the East Japanese, Annex and Majestic trio for the longest time, has been wearing the coat of manager and sushi chef at Majestic for the last four years. Naoya Inoue, on the other hand, has been Majestic's kitchen chef for two years, most of which he has spent making memorable Japanese and seafood dishes.

This November, stop by Majestic for a little royal treatment in an intimate setting in the cools hills of Villa Ronai.

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