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Savoury Indulgence of Fromage Brasserie

Published:Thursday | September 21, 2017 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
Korean barbecued ribs with fluffy jasmine rice and sauteed vegetables.
Pork lover Chef Craig Townsend presents his scrumptious culinary creation – Korean barbecued ribs with fluffy jasmine rice and sauteed vegetables.

Indulging in savoury offerings can now be an even sweeter reality with Fromage Brasserie.

Located right in the heart of Marketplace on Constant Spring Road, Fromage Brasserie, the sophisticated, chic extension of Fromage Bistro, opened their doors this January and have already been making strides in the tantalising taste department. According to the manager of Fromage, Bolivar Blake, the location was an ideal one as it is surrounded by a conglomerate of restaurants, so it was an easy sell. "And because we're so different in ambience and taste, people come and they return for more. So why not Marketplace," he added.

Priding themselves on providing only the best in quality, against the backdrop of a quaint atmosphere, Fromage Brasserie also promises to surprise your palate with bursts of rich, authentic, local flavour fused with an international flair for this Restaurant Week.

Two of their featured dishes on the Restaurant Week menu are the feta crusted lamb with rustic potatoes, and Korean barbecued ribs with fluffy jasmine rice and sauteed vegetables.




Behind every mouth-watering meal is a culinary artist. Head chef Craig Townsend has been cooking for more than seven years. His expertise stems directly from his true love for food - not only does it bring him great joy to prepare, he also takes pleasure creating culinary masterpieces for others.

Being a diehard pork lover, it was only natural for him to follow his heart into the 'oink' direction and dish out his favourite - Korean barbecued ribs. "Inspired by the owners, this signature dish is one of our bestsellers. I love pork so as a pork man, I put my heart and soul into it and try it make it special." The proof is definitely in the eating, so this November, make Fromage Brasserie your choice for the greatest culinary experience. You won't be sorry.

Fromage Brasserie

The Market Place, 67 Constant Spring Road

Tel: (876) 649-0820-1