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Palatable pleasures of Tryall VIP Treatment at the Tryall Club

Published:Thursday | September 28, 2017 | 12:11 AMKrysta Anderson
Executive Chef Salvatore Cusimano
Sea urchin and shrimp bisque with Scotch bonnet crusting and grouper Vecchio Palermo.

Flavours and a view guaranteed to take your breath away is exactly what you can expect from Tryall Club.

Located along the shoreline in Montego Bay, the quaint restaurant of Tryall Club has been in existence for 60 years. So, they have big plans to bring their diverse experience to this year's Gleaner-sponsored Restaurant Week. "This is our inaugural year participating in this grand event. The reason is two fold we love the prestige that Restaurant Week adds to the value of our restaurant, and we wanted to play a palatable part in that," Robert Headley, Tryall Club's director of food and beverage explained to Food.

He continued, the restaurant will be transforming their aesthetics next year, so they are using this opportunity to open their doors to the general public from now so that they can be ready for the exciting new look ahead.

Food managed to get backstage passes to Tryall's kitchen, where we were met Executive Chef Salvatore Cusimano.

Cusimano, who is from Italy, is a firm believer that food is life. And with over 20 years in the business, he endeavours to surprise you with his culinary expertise. Don't believe us? Well let's see what he created just for you come Restaurant Week.

He carried us to seafood heaven and back with his sea urchin and shrimp bisque with Scotch bonnet crusting and grouper Vecchio Palermo. Who has ever seen a sea urchin as a bowl before? The proof is in the savoury taste! While the Palermo, he says, is a popular fish in Italy, and he loves fusing Mediterranean dishes freshly prepared with Jamaican herbs and spices.

Priding themselves on fantastic and freshly prepared food, with an elegant ambience, Tryall makes for the ideal dining destination. So don't miss out on this VIP experience. Book your reservations to stimulate your taste buds and take in the cool breeze and calming crash of the waves. P.S. ask about their beautiful gazebo cusped in the motion of the ocean limited spaces available.