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Smooth Succulent Sailing at Houseboat Grill

Published:Thursday | September 28, 2017 | 12:15 AMKrysta Anderson
House Boat Grill Restaurant at Alice Eldemire Dr, Montego Bay

Picturesque scenes of clear crystal waters overlooking hilly terrain topped with scrumptious culinary artistry - the perfect palatable package awaits at Houseboat Grill.

Located on Alice Eldemire Drive in Montego Bay, Houseboat Grill is the first of it's kind to not only be one of a kind here in Jamaica, but of such savoury success. According to co-owner and Chef Richard Nurse, the houseboat has a rich history, starting its engines as a fondu restaurant, making waves through music and entertainment, before truly setting sail to tastier pastures. This discovery in 2001, with the assistance of refurbishing and renovations, led to what is known today as the Houseboat Grill.

The restaurant has been an active participant in the Gleaner-sponsored Restaurant week for eight years. Nurse shared that this venture keeps them coming back because it reaches persons who wouldn't normally visit or even know about this hot spot. "Offering what we would generally prepare at a more affordable price is also great for our diners, which then results in a bloom in business. Plus, there's just a nice vibe in the air during Restaurant Week. People really get into it and we're all about pleasing people," he added.

Greeted by a ferry, which seats a maximum of six persons, you're transported by a friendly staff member from land to sea, before boarding their oasis. From there, you're invited to sit back, relax and enjoy all that Houseboat has to offer. Rustic but romantic, exploration is not limited to the sense of sight, as the aromas dancing in the air awakens your sense of smell, tempting you to tantalise your taste buds.


Divine dishes


Speaking of taste buds, Chef Nurse delivered two divine dishes from their Restaurant Week menu - lobster cake and shrimp in a Perno style Creole sauce, served with cheesy polenta, green bean and black mustard seeds.

The shrimp dish, he says, is a flavourful fusion of cultures. "The cheesy polenta is Italian in its preparation process, with the creole aspect stems from Louisiana - the Perno is a French liquor and the black mustard seeds is synonymous with India. We're dishing out a lot of different flavours, so dig right in!"

Despite the circumstances, having lost one of his arm, Nurse has mastered his way around the kitchen. As time progressed, he learned to step back, building an expert hard working and dedicated cooking team. "I love to grill and so once I'm in the kitchen, that's where I can be found flipping is much easier to handle. If I'm present, prepping and plating is done by the team. I create the menus and develop the recipes, but I still get my culinary 'hand' from time to time," he said with a laugh.

So if you are looking for the most exhilarating dining experience that Jamaica has to offer, then sail away on the delectable offerings of Houseboat Grill.