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Mi Love My Patty - Uriel Brown Delivers on Patty Demand

Published:Thursday | October 5, 2017 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson

Mi love my patty! Whether you indulge in this tasty variety as a snack or a meal, there's no denying the unconditional love Jamaicans have for patty.

And why wouldn't they when you have so many to choose from. There's beef, curried chicken, jerk chicken, vegetable, fish, cheese, chicken cheese, pork, curried goat, full house, shrimp, lobster, callaloo, vegetable even ackee patty. Salivating yet?

For this week's Street Eatz, we decided to take it a little closer to home, in more ways than one. Uriel Brown has been located on East Street in Kingston for 30 years, providing savoury and sweet treats for the surrounding communities and companies. One of his best sellers is the palatable pleaser: hot and ready patty.

"I've been out here since 1987. My mother and father started out here, and I took over in the mornings and afternoon, until I'm ready to work in the evenings," Brown explained to Food. He mused that at the time, he started selling patty for $1.15.

His reason were pretty simple: it helped him to move the bread and juice faster. "If we don't have patty, then bread and juice aren't selling," he added.

Persons come from near and far to enjoy a hot patty or two. Some of his regular repeat customers come from all walks of life. From law enforcement officers, bus drivers, conductors, taxi men to employees for the National Land Agency, P.A. Benjamin Manufacturing Company, Phoenix Printery Limited, Ministry of Labour and Social Security, The Gleaner Company Media Limited, among others. He even does deliveries.

Tastee, he says, is the brand of choice to appease the high demands of his customers. Here's the low down of his morning activities. Chicken, cheese, chicken cheese, beef and meat loaf are the order of the day. From 8:30-8:45 a.m., he takes the third baking of patties so that they can be picked up and sold fresh. By 9:30 a.m., he buys a new batch, then again 10:30 a.m., and another set is purchased before midday.

Do you love your patty? What is your favourite brand? We asked a few foodies what was their favourite brand and type of patty and why. Here is what they had to say:

First of all, I love patties. They are the quintessential bellyful on a dime. I usually buy one cheese and chicken, and none other than Tastees Patties. Their crust is the most buttery, well kneaded and 'tongue tickling' out there. When the aroma from their beef patty snuggles my nose, I know my mouth is about to be 'turnt'.

S.C., female


Tastee is my pick any day. I love their crust and their meat is seasoned better.

M.J., male


Tastee's chicken cheese. I love the crust and the filling tastes like real chicken. Add the cheese and you get the perfect bite. I'm salivating just thinking about it.

M.M., female


I'm torn between a beef patty and a chicken patty. But it's about the mood when choosing the flavour. All in all, Juici Patties is my favourite. I was introduced to it before any other brand, so that basically set the precedent. But, I'd be remiss if I didn't say Tastee Patties is a very close second for me.

D.S., male


Tastee patties. The crust is flaky yet tasty. The meat could be a little less liquid, but the seasoning is great. I also like cheese patties, I have a thing for anything cheese.

M.D., female


Mother's cheese patty. It's where it all started and all the others are copies. I think I was the one who invented cheese patty because I used to eat cheese with everything as a child and back in 1999 or 2000, I remember dropping in my suggestion in the suggestion box at Mother's telling them to try cheese in their patties.

D.W., male


Tastee's cheese and beef patties. When the crust drops to the bottom of the bag, that's the best part, especially when the patty was just baked and fresh. Tastees is the lead!

D.M., female


Tastee's chicken is my favourite because of its consistency plus it's healthier than beef. Need more chicken variety: I want a fried chicken and curried chicken patty.

M.F., male


Juici Patties beef patty is life! Two cheese patties will definitely start my morning right and life will be all good after that. The crust is perfect, the beef is seasoned nice and the cheese is an added bonus.

M.A., female

Tastee's beef patty is the original patty. Nothing beats the first.

B.C, male.


Tell us what's yours.