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Saffron delivers superb food and service

Published:Thursday | October 12, 2017 | 12:06 AM

It is always a good night to have Indian cuisine, and Chef Viki did enjoy her time at Saffron last Monday.

The 10-year-old was accompanied by her mother Stacey Hines and we got a sight of why she liked to cook because this little one loves her food. The restaurant owner Vivek Chatani describes each experience as a great one with great and exquisite food for all ages.

The non-veg platter was the appetiser of choice which included malia chicken tikka, fish tikka and sweet chilli shrimp which was chef Viki's favourite of the night. Her face lit up as she got to experience the difference in flavours and breakdown what went into making a few of the of the meats.

It was time for the main course where Chef Viki and mother Stacey Hines had three meats to try and choose from - the Singapore fish, ginger honey shrimp and cherry honey chicken. They had the options of plain garlic naan, naan with a bit extra butter and rice. Chef Viki, of course, went for the extra butter and dug in. The camera seemed to be more of an interruption for her as she enjoyed the food. She is not usually a fish lover and, after tasting it, confiscated it from her mother Hines, who described it as having a circus in your mouth.

Dessert was then served - a vanilla ice cream and vanilla cake glazed with caramel and chocolate. Hines groaned with approval and both finished up their pleasantly flavourful night.