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A Perfect blend of Flavour with the Palms

Published:Thursday | October 26, 2017 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
A blend of Mussels, squid, conch & lobster with a combination of onions, sweet peppers, mushrooms sautéed in a brandy cream sauce.
RW Ambassador Dahlia Harris takes a bite of The Palm’s famous bread pudding.

The Palms at C&C South Beach hosted Restaurant Week ambassador Dahlia Harris to give her a taste of what will be offered for this RW.

They started with their Chusan Palm Smoked Salmon as an appetiser. It was a great start to the evening of fine food. They also had her try a bonus appetiser, which was their pepperpot soup which held true to its name as it pertained to the spice.

While the night had a good start, the real show-stopper was the seafood Thermidor. Harris described it as "very good. It is smooth and has an even combination of flavour which is pleasant. Nothing is really overpowering or competing, it is just right." Just right it was; she enjoyed every bite.

When it came time for dessert the rum-and-raisin bread pudding would have great shoes to fill. The sweet treat was a tasty finish, still, no competition for the main course, but Harris could not ask for more.

The Palms at C & C South Beach

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