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Rumfire Halloween Cocktails at Regency

Published:Thursday | October 26, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Witch's Brew Sangria
Eye Ball Martini
Do you dare to go dark and spooky?
Looking for a bloody good time? Then this is the mix for you!
This green potion made with Rumfire Rum and lychee will definitely have you 'spellbound'.

Hampden Estate, one of the oldest sugar estates in Jamaica, held a Rumfire Pre-Halloween cocktail lyme at the Regency bar and Lounge on Saturday, where specially invited guests got the chance to sample the taste of Rumfire white overproof rum in select Halloween concoctions. Curated by Rumfire's marketing director, Christelle Harris, the cocktails created have been added to the Regency bar and lounge drink menu for the duration of the Halloween season.

"I wanted to create drinks that reflected halloween. Jamaicans typically enjoy a good time every time for any season, and I figured why not capitalise on Halloween and allow the brand to roll with the times? I'm happy to introduce these drinks that are aesthetically inducing so that all our current consumers and new ones to come can 'Feel the Fire'," she told Food.

As a means of reintroducing themselves to the Jamaican market with ideas of how to include Rumfire white overproof rum in cocktails, they plan to continue doing monthly mixology lymes at select bars to get more consumers to realise that Rumfire truly balances exceptional smoothness with the traditional heat of overproof rum, accompanied by a surprising sweetness that lingers. This will also function as a precursor to their upcoming 'Feel The Fire' ad campaign.

Available at Regency Bar and Lounge at Terra Nova All Suite Hotel between Tuesday October 24 Tuesday, October 31 are the limited edition Rumfire halloween cocktails - eyeball martini, Spellbound, Dark & Spooky, A Bloody Good Time and Witches Brew. Here are the recipes for two scarily sweet martinis, eyeball martini and spellbound.


Rumfire Eyeball Martini





4 ounces Rumfire

3 ounces lychee syrup/juice (lychees, drained, reserve syrup/juice and lychees)




Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, add in all the cocktail ingredients, shake well and divide between two martini glasses. Take a couple of the lychee fruits and put blueberries in them to make the 'eyeballs' either sink a couple of into the drinks or skewer and rest on top. Serve drinks chilled in martini glass.


Spellbound Martini





1 oz rumfire

1 oz sour apple liqueur

1 oz apple juice

0.5 oz lime juice





Combine all ingredients in a martini shaker and shake vigorously, strain and pour into martini glass.