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Everything Savoury at Something Fishy

Published:Tuesday | October 31, 2017 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
Grilled garlic salmon served with steamed vegetables and Something Fishy's signature mixed potato salad.
You can't go wrong with a classic Mojito.
Fish lovers savour this grilled fish fillet served with steamed vegetables and green plantain.
Spice makes everything nice, so this peppered shrimp served with steamed vegetables and grilled garlic potato wedges is just for you.
Mixologist Rashyvia Edwards present her creation- a very tasty mudlside, with a smile.
Campari orange for those wanting to try something old with something new.
Campari mojito is the best surprise yet! Perfect combination of bitter and sweet with hint of mint in between.
Estate daiquiri, anyone?
From left: Chefs Orlando James and Denroy Charlton with their freshly prepared, delectable dishes.
Succulent oven styled jerked chicken served with rice and peas and steamed vegetables will have you wanting more.

There is nothing but savoury goodness at Something Fishy Seafood and Gourmet Restaurant and Lounge.

Greeted by lush greenery against the soothing sounds of a waterfall, Something Fishy creates the ideal semi-outdoor tropical oasis for anyone desiring a palatable escape from the ordinary. The family-owned restaurant opened its doors on December of 2015 in May Pen Clarendon, and operations manager, Candice Nichols shared that after ironing out a few kinks, there was no looking back. "Most of our feedback has been good, we've been getting rave reviews. And where there are negative reviews, we try to deal with them accordingly," she told Food.


Curiosity factor

So why the name Something Fishy? According to director, Colin Nichols, he wanted to make people curious. And while they are the culinary gurus of fish, they offer much more than just seafood.

For our palatable pleasure, we were treated to oven-jerk chicken, served with rice and peas and steamed vegetables; peppered shrimp with steamed vegetables and grilled garlic potato wedges; grilled garlic salmon served with steamed vegetables, and their signature mixed potato salad; escovitch fish served with fried bammy and fresh garden salad; and grilled fish fillet served with steamed vegetables and green plantain.

Candice revealed that customers go crazy over their green plantains, and their fusion of marrying seasoning with spices are a plate of 'happily ever after'.

But wait, there's more. One of the highlights of their restaurant is their famous Campari bar boasting brands known for taking beverages to a whole new level.

Their brand of choice is none other than Appleton. "I love the versatility of the brand. I feel that Appleton has the option that just about everyone can appreciate. And they offer popular products as well as those you wouldn't normally try," notes Candice. She continues, "Appleton's Estate brand is so diverse there's the Appleton Special that the average man can try. Then there are the more premium rum, for drinkers who take the time to appreciate an aged rum. I can distinguish between them now, and so can our customers."

They also pride themselves of transforming Campari into bittersweet mixes, and mixologist Rashyvia Edwards can prepare a drink for everyone's taste. From Campari orange and Campari Mojito to their signature mudslide; classic mojito; and Estate daiquiri, you will be sure to upgrade to cloud nine and beyond.

With the dining option of the grill area, the gazebo, the bar and picnic tables, each space will give you a different but exhilarating experience. So satisfy your curiosity, try something savoury at Something Fishy. Here are three of their inspiring cocktails for you to try at home:


Campari Orange


1oz Campari

2oz Orange Juice


Combine ingredients, serve over ice and garnish with an orange peel.


The Estate Daiquiri


1.5ozAppleton Estate Reserve Blend

1oz fresh lime juice

1/4oz simple syrup

Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice; serve chilled in a martini glass. Garnish with lime peel.


Campari Mojito


1.5oz Campari

1oz lime juice

1oz simple sugar

1/3oz JWN White Overproof Rum

6 mint leaves

Club soda to top up



Combine all ingredients except club soda in a shaker. Muddle mint leaves to extract the flavour. Add ice, and shake to chill. Transfer contents to a cocktail glass and top up with club soda. Add fresh mint leaves to garnish.

For more information, you can find Something Fishy Seafood & Gourmet Restaurant with Lounge at 29A West Park Avenue in May Pen or call 876-786-3463.