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Sea Deck: A superb mix of seafood

Published:Thursday | November 2, 2017 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley
Head Chef Jerome Stewart.
Grilled lobster

You must know the saying, 'Money can't buy happiness'. Well, if it buys seafood at Sea Deck, then that's a lie.

This treasure can be found in Barbican, St Andrew, and it is one of the best places to dine and enjoy a superb mix of seafood.

The three-year-old restaurant provides an intensely romantic atmosphere for seafood lovers with its breathtaking calm, quiet, and scenic atmosphere.

Participating in Restaurant Week for the third time, it guarantees you an experience Shenequa Hyatt, Sea Deck's supervisor, says you cannot miss.

"We are offering a very good special, lobster shrimp and conch; that's all going to a part of the special," Hyatt told Food.

The bistro's amazing food is perfect to soothe your palate and will set your taste buds sailing across the sea.

"The food is exquisite ... and well prepared. The setting is very nice and romantic, especially at nights," Hyatt said.

One of the most exquisite meals you will ever have is the restaurant's signature Sea Deck Shrimp. Specially prepared with you in mind by Head Chef Jerome Stewart, this delectable dish is worth any sacrifice. The unique flavours of this scrumptious meal and its sweet aroma are destined for your happiness.

If that is not enough, with the appetising grilled lobster prepared with garlic butter and the incredible garlic butter sauce on the side, Chef Stewart will definitely thrill your palate.

You can have your meals with any side orders. It's your choice, and whatever you choose, your taste buds certainly will be delighted.

So, as you know, life is dull without happiness. So, hurry and make your reservations at Sea Deck. There your happiness is secured.

Sea Deck


20 Barbican Road, Kingston