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A Tradition of Excellence at Tip Top Restaurant and Bar

Published:Thursday | November 2, 2017 | 12:00 AMLatara Boodie
Sautéed fillet of salmon in pistazio crust. The sweet, nutty flavour of this specially baked salmon is beyond compare. The glazed fruit topping is simply outstanding.
Executive sous chef, Fitzgerald Malcolm, showcasing his dishes.

A sense of homely belonging is a palpable feature upon entering the Tip Top Restaurant and Bar at the Hotel Four Seasons. Its wooden structure and conventional decor eases one into the frame of mind for traditional food.

Executive sous chef Fitzgerald Malcolm, also known to many as Malcolm X, is no stranger to Restaurant Week. "We have been with Restaurant Week from the start to the present," said Malcolm to Food. Malcolm prides himself on his consistency in making traditional delicacies that have become signature staples at the Tip Top Restaurant and Bar.

This year, Tip Top Restaurant and Bar at Hotel Four Seasons has decided to give their customers the traditional food that they know and love, with a twist. On their 2017 Restaurant Week Menu they are featuring their sautÈed fillet of salmon in pistazio crust, which has a sweet and nutty flavour with a fruit based topping, and their stuffed chicken breast, which consists of callaloo and cheese, baked in coconut bread.

"Our area of expertise is classic food, which is made up of European and Jamaican cuisine," said Malcolm. The Tip Top Restaurant and Bar embodies the tradition of excellence which is upheld by the Hotel Four Seasons.

Tip Top Restaurant and Bar

Address: 18 Ruthven Road,


Phone: 929-7655