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A feast in a Dutch Pot

Published:Thursday | November 9, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Strip loin, grilled to your specifications, topped with blue cheese, carameliSed onions and jackfruit accompanied with Jack Daniel's.
Zoie is ready to serve you.

Drawn by the appeal of Restaurant Week, the newly opened Seaside Dutchie at Priory Beach in St Ann has hopped aboard the event at the last minute, and proprietor Tayhdeen Cole has promised patrons they will be happier for it.

"It's a lifestyle we offer down here, we have a variety of local and international food, prepared with the highest quality products to ensure the highest quality flavour," Cole stated.

"We serve good quality food, but food is just one part of the equation, the service is another part, and then the big plus is that we're right on the ocean during the night."

She added: "And one unique thing about is that we're Seaside Dutchie so everything is served in a Dutch pot or coal stove, so that's something to look forward to."

Seaside Dutchie may be newly opened but already patrons are making their favourite dishes known. Fish, done in a variety of styles, and oxtail are the early favourites, but also quite popular are the jerked chicken, jerked pork, ackee and salt fish spring rolls served with escoveitched mayonnaise.

"Of course, we don't serve the regular steamed fish, our steamed fish has a difference to it," Cole reminded.

"The experience is going to be phenomenal, patrons will get good, local fine dining with class and consistency. That's what Seaside Dutchie stands for."

Seaside Dutchie

Alterry Beach

Priory, St Ann

Contact: 367-9277