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Tradition Meets Fusion at Mystic India

Published:Thursday | November 9, 2017 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson
Fresh Vegetables cooked with Onions and Peppers in a light gravy

When traditions meet culinary fusions, delectable dishes are the result. One taste from Mystic India will leave you in a state of euphoria in no time!

This is their fifth time embarking on the journey to culinary greatness with Restaurant Week, and owner Kareena Mahbubani revealed that they continue to return each year because it just keeps getting better.

Indian food is all about paying remarkable attention to details; employing authentic seasoning with the right amount of spice it truly makes everything so very nice! At Mystic India, they've taken things up a notch in flavour. Their Salli Boti, a boneless mutton in an irresistible curry topped with shoestring potatoes, served with either tomato rice or herbed naan an Indian bread topped with a variety of fresh herbs, will do a happy dance on your taste buds.

Mahbubani shared that while they remain true to the traditions of Indian cuisine, they support local farmers by infusing locally grown fresh produce in their dishes.

When asked why food lovers should go to Mystic India for Restaurant Week, here is what she had to say :"People should come to Mystic India for Restaurant Week because we have the most vibrant and exciting menu in town, with excellent service to match. But more important, we put a lot of love in our food, so come and eat your heart out!"


Mystic India (Montego Bay)

Whitter Village,

Ironshore, Montego Bay

Tel: 953-9460