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Charlett Dillon is National’s ‘Bread Winner’

Published:Thursday | November 23, 2017 | 12:51 AM
Bacon in a dough by Venessa Haughton from Hanover.
Breadsticks on a platter by Makanake Rodway from Kingston and St Andrew.
Charlett Dillon (left) being presented with her prize by Donnette Hines, marketing manager at National Baking company.
CB Cut Jerk chicken roll made by Shanice Taylor, includes stuffed jerked chicken with tamarind sauce.

 Charlett Dillon came close to tasting success in September, when she placed second in the National Baking Company’s Best Side Order Competition.

But for her, it wasn’t a case of  ‘third time’s a charm’, as she didn’t have to wait that long. It was at her second attempt at the Best Side Order competition that made her triumph over the 14 other chef sssistants. The competition, initiated by the National Baking Company, is aimed at stimulating the creativity among the chef assistants at PAN 2017 in creating the ‘best side order’ using hardough bread.

The 35-year-old restaurateur who is a resident of Breadnut Hill in St Ann, operates the Countryside Cooking restaurant. Dillon said that after her second place finish at PAN Regional 2, she went back to the 'cooking board', to create something that represented fashion, style, design and was exotic.

“I wanted to do something out-of-the-box because I know I am fashionable, and I know if I did it I would come out on top,” Dillon told Food.

The Win

Her winning dish was made from green and red bell pepper, CB Chicken, green and black olives, National Hardough bread, pineapples, purple onion, coconut oil, mozzarella cheese and thyme. Dillon said she sautéed all the ingredients in a saucepan with coconut oil. 

“When you’re thinking about exotic, you’re thinking about something different, creative, out of the box, something exciting. I wanted it to look different. I didn’t want it to look like a pizza or a patty,”  Dillon explained. 

Something Innovative

For her, the overall competition was a great idea as it allowed the chef assistants a chance to not only compete for a title, but they were able to showcase their creativity. “It was a great idea. Excellent to say the least and I like it,” Dillon said.

Dillon was also the 2014 Regional 2 PAN Champion for the parish of St Ann.