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Escape to Lyming at Walkerswood

Published:Thursday | December 7, 2017 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
A Jamaican touch to the Campari, Mam-Italian.
Curried goat with plain rice and tossed salad is one of the dishes that is a household name.
A hit with their customers - the brown stewed pork with rice and peas and a tossed salad.
Some like it smooth and if you do, this 3 in One is definitely for you.
Who doesn't like escoveitch fish and festival?
A Jamaican favourite- stewed peas is a must try at this chill spot.
Something to warm your soul - mannish water.
You will be finding a lot of flavour in this Wikipedia.

Sometimes you just need to escape to the countryside, where you can relax enjoy some good vibes and great food. That's exactly what you get at Lyming at Walkerswood.

Tucked away on the old entrance to Ocho Rios (from Kingston), this restaurant is surrounded by nature and takes you far away from the hustle and bustle of the Corporate Area. It's quiet and laid-back - a place where your troubles can just drift away.

And when it comes to the food offering, you get to open up your palate to a flavourful Jamaican experience. Lyming at Walkerswood specialises in authentic Jamaican dishes, something that owner Mark Perkins had set out to achieve. Mission accomplished.

He told Food that growing up, he was used to frequent cookouts by the riverside with his father and uncles. The curried goat and corned pork were dishes he always looked forward to. It is this rich flavour that he is trying to incorporate into his restaurant, along with other Jamaican dishes like mannish water, escoveitched fish, stewed peas, and, of course, jerked pork.

When it came to the ambiance, Perkins tried to create a home away from home. He enjoyed hanging out with friends on the weekends, and travelling to different parishes to hang out and enjoy the food. He then thought, why not create a place where not only his friends, but other people, could enjoy good food and relax? Hence, the layout of the location is more rustic and has that welcoming patio vibe as soon as you enter.

With all the great food and vibes, it would not be a true 'lyming' area without great cocktails. Bartender Charmaine Simons Allen is well equipped to mix a variety of drinks for all to enjoy. Her Campari blends are smooth, and she has a mix that both men and women can enjoy.




When it comes to Campari, the Negroni is universal. For Lyming at Walkerswood, Simons Allen makes it with two shots of Campari, a half-shot of apple vodka, three shots of Prosecco, and just a squeeze of orange. Then, she shakes.

Their layered drink - the three-in-one - is a hit among the women. This includes four shots of Campari, two shots of rum cream, one shot of milk, and the glass garnished with a cherry.

They have managed to make Wikipedia more than a website, with two shots of Campari, one and a half shots of white wine, and a wedge of lime.

You can go international with the Mam-Italian, which includes two shots of Campari, two shots of Ting, and one and a half shots of Prosecco, shaken for a smooth finish.

So whenever you want to get away, head to Lyming at Walkerswood.