Sun | Jan 20, 2019

Happy Foods Soups and Bad Dawg Sausages under one roof

Published:Thursday | January 18, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Cavaughn Williams Bad Dawg kiosk operator at Devon House serving his customers with a smile.
This happy patron enjoying her Happy Food Soups.
Happy Foods' soups kettle programme with chicken pumpkin soup (left) and red peas and pig tail.
Chicken pumpkin soup (left) and red peas and pig tail.

Under its LIVE BETTER campaign, CB Foods is encouraging Jamaicans to make better food choices and facilitated the process with its first offering in March 2017.

After enjoying success with the brand's home-made Jamaican soups, which have been available in supermarkets throughout Kingston and St Catherine, Happy Foods is ready to further expand its reach by introducing its soup kettle programme.

Happy Foods Soups kettle programme makes its debut at the historic Devon House alongside its sister brand, Bad Dawg Sausages. All about freshness and convenience, Happy Foods caters to consumers who refuse to compromise tasty, wholesome foods, but do not want the hassle of cooking. While the soups are healthy and delicious, they also aim to combat import substitution and promote local sustainable agriculture.

The produce and ingredients are locally sourced, and the soups are distinctly and authentically Jamaican in flavour, with homestyle chicken and pumpkin and red peas with pig's tail options. The Devon House location offers 8oz and 12oz soups.

"Happy Foods Soups and Bad Dawg are a perfect pairing for a bellyful, especially if you're on the go," shared Joelle Lodenquai, assistant brand manager at CB Foods. "While Bad Dawg has become a staple for visitors to Devon House, we are excited to welcome our sister brand Happy Foods, and know it will follow a similar model of quality, grab-and- go foods."

Happy Foods soups are distributed by CB Foods Ltd. Additional flavour profiles are currently being developed, and will be available later this year.