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Grace Unleashes Flava With A Beat

Published:Thursday | January 25, 2018 | 12:00 AMLatara Boodie/Gleaner Writer
Grace pineapple-glazed smoked ham.
Mouth-watering jerked chicken, spiced with Grace products, was enjoyed by everyone in attendance.
Global Category Manager Andrew Collins was caught enjoying homemade Grace soup.
Jaire Hay is delighted to have a plate full of sweet treats.
A scrumptious platter of savory jerked pork.

Last Sunday, Grace Foods unleashed their new campaign, 'Flava With A Beat', on the waterfront in downtown Kingston.

Hosted by the comedic Miss Kitty the smell of delicious food, seasoned with the original spices crafted by Grace Foods, drifted through the air for specially invited guests to enjoy a night full of 'flava'.




The night was for Grace to introduce their new brand ambassador dancer and entertainer Ding Dong.

The campaign pulls together the global appeal of Jamaican food and music to celebrate the delicious, nutritious Grace line of products. "This campaign is a celebration of the Jamaican spirit, and a tribute to our customers who are fresh, youthful, full of vibes, lively and exciting," stated Angeline Gillings, managing director of Grace Foods Limited. She added, "We have turned up the dial on fun and energy, highlighting the Jamaican culture of dance, socialising with family against the backdrop of the beautiful natural environment which continues to inspire us."

The Flava With A Beat campaign is aimed at reintroducing Grace products with more vibrancy and energy, and who else can revive a brand but the one and only Ding Dong? The new brand ambassador has coined a new dance move to accompany the brand new Flava With A Beat jingle.

With flavourful delights such as crispy pork belly, butter almond bread pudding and smoked ham, served from tents hosted by Irie Bites, Sweet Tings, Pig Out, Chow Down and Jus Pasta, everyone in attendance was able to sample delectable recipes, all made with Grace products.

It was an eventful night which ended in a party, as both the young and not so old enjoyed Grace's Flava With A Beat.