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More Nyammings Yaad Style

Published:Thursday | February 15, 2018 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson/Gleaner Writer
Roasted yam made for a sweet side dish!
Pick-up salt fish was one of the favourite dishes for the night.
On the chopping blocks is mouth-watering chicken, courtesy of Kemar Davis.
Kevheir Allen shares a roasted fish for the guest.
Chairman of JMMB Group, Archibald Campbell, and Fornia Young dig right into the nyammings.
Succulent rum-infused barbecued pigtails.
Jelly coconut, anyone? Orlando Wallace was on hand to have it chopped and ready to enjoy.
Soupy Winston Lewis serving up a nice hot cup of mannish water.

A whistle pierced the air as a peanut man pulled up by the landmark clock in Half-Way Tree square. Last Friday, specially invited guests had more than a bellyful when they were treated to more than their fair share of 'nyammings' - yaad style! JMMB Group pulled out all the savoury and sweet stops at their annual corporate client mixer held at the Ranny Williams Centre on Hope Road.

Dubbed 'Yaad Fusion' with a retro twist, guests were greeted by welcoming cocktails of refreshing sky juice. For those seeking a more sophisticated starter, they had the option of the Joy Spencer cocktail. The Yaad Style food tour served up authentic Jamaican food to tantalise palates. For those craving a snack, the peanut man distributed the salty delight among the crowd, while many made their way to 'Soupy' for a cup of mannish water.

The 'Nyammings stations' located on either side of the square offered tasty curried goat, veggie bean stew, ackee and salt fish, pick-up salt fish, rum-infused barbecue pigtail, steamed vegetables, fried ripe plantain, roasted yam, roasted breadfruit, roasted sweet potato and dhalpuri roti. Guests could thank Chef Theo Smith of Great House Catering for all that.

There was also a jerk stop, with jerked chicken and pork. Hellshire seaside came ashore with Miss May providing fried fish, roasted fish, festival, bammy and fish tea. What more could one ask for?

Sweet-treat lovers weren't left out as they received oldie but goodie yaadie treats and desserts like cornmeal pudding, sweet potato pudding, asham, paradise plum, peanut cake, coconut drops, grater cake, jackass corn, gizzada, and 'blue draws'.

And just when you thought the package couldn't get any greater, there appeared a cane and coconut man. Pair all of that with the fully stocked reggae bar and you can imagine how the vibes did sweet!

Cheers to an irie event, JMMB!