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Gourmet bulla stars Endzzone revamped menu

Published:Thursday | February 22, 2018 | 12:00 AM
The gourmet bulla menu in its entirety. The bulla sticks (left), garlic butter bulla (right) and the French toast bulla (front) and French toast bulla served with ice cream (centre).
Garlic butter shrimp served with pineapple coleslaw and bammy.
Have the catch of the day which is Endzzon'e fish fingers served with fries and plantain chips.
Deep fried bulla? Oh yes, please.
This fajita pasta will warm your soul.

Food is something to be enjoyed; it's not meant to be boring. That's a concept Endzzone at Buzzers in Portmore has clearly grasped with its revamped menu.

The hip spot now offers a gourmet bulla menu. Now, gourmet and bulla are not two words often seen together, but trust us, you will be amazed by the combination. They have managed to transform the bulla, and the options are definitely worth trying.

There are three bulla options. There are bulla sticks, which are egg-washed and dipped in flour and then deep-fried to perfection, sealing in the flavour. The garlic butter bulla is a twist on the traditional bulla and butter that many Jamaicans love and enjoy. The French toast bulla will have your toes curling in pleasure, as the sliced bulla is dipped in aromatic spices and toasted, then served with your choice of dessert - most opt for ice cream.

Buzzers is the first restaurant to incorporate bulla in its menu this way. It was first tested with customers, and when it was put on the menu it was well received.


Happy customers


But the gourmet bullas are not the only new entrants on the menu. Co-founder and marketing director, Phillipe A. Edwards, told Food that the restaurant has been using the same menu since inception in March 2015. Customers have been asking for more, and what better way to keep their customers happy than to give them what they have asked for?

Some of the new additions include: garlic butter shrimp, which is a spicy blend of succulent shrimps and peppers, served with pineapple coleslaw and your choice of bammy or creamed potatoes. The fish fingers, or rather the 'catch of the day', is seasoned basa dredged in a flavoured tempura, and deep-fried until golden brown. It is served with their crispy fries and a choice of escovitch or tartar sauce.

Then there is the fajita pasta. This fettuccine pasta is simmered in creamy sauce with a fresh medley of spices and aromatic herbs and Parmesan cheese, topped with cucumbers. The colourful pasta packed with flavour will send you to foodie heaven with every bite.

But there are also some old favourites such as wings and pork, quesadillas, burgers, and the stamp and go.

Guests can expect to have a good time as Buzzers is still available for the children to play games while parents can catch up on their favourite sporting events on the big screens. If they want to make a game of the night, they can indulge in some video-gaming experience at the bar.

Customers can now call in their orders and pick it up if they want to enjoy the flavour of Endzzone at home.

Endzzone at Buzzers

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