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Sugah Just Right

Published:Thursday | February 22, 2018 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson/Gleaner Writer
Owner of Sugah, Yanique Sterling, beaming with her creations: carrot cake (left) and pavlova.
Sugah's gluten free lemon bars proves that healthy can taste so good.
Sugah's signature carrot cake will have you on a palatable cloud nine.
Plantain tart, anyone?
This apple pie will be pure goodness in your mouth.
The Pavlova has the perfect combination of sweet, creamy, tangy and refreshing.
Plantain tart, anyone? They are made all natural, without any artificial colouring.

Just about everyone has a tasty kryptonite. For Yanique Sterling, it's Sugah! In talking with Food about her journey from plate to palate, she confessed that she has always been an avid foodie.

"If I eat in the car, the calories don't count. If I eat before I reach home, the calories don't count. If you don't see me eating, how is that going to count?"

She discovered her hidden talent while carrying on the family tradition of catering. "My mother can cook, so I was expected to be a great chef - but I can't cook to save my life. I can bake though, so that became a hobby of mine. I would bake and eat it. Then give it away."

From there, Sterling took on the dessert portion of her mother's catering business - helping out as baker. She even became a carrot cake specialist. "I guess it came easy to me," she said. Working full time in the legal field and baking part time, began to take a toll on Sterling, and in no time, she found herself having no time when it came to her 9 to 5, and giving all her time to what she loves and what makes her happy - baking sweet treats. The name Sugah came out of her love of all thing sweet, and to make it Jamaican, she dropped the 'r' and added the 'h'.

Sterling currently provides desserts for several events, from office parties to birthday parties - you name it, she does it. Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs? "If you love it, then do it. Take the leap of faith, jump in and go. And give back to your community - that's very important," she added.

Her list of signature sweets include plantain tarts, nutella tarts, rum cake, carrot cake, apple pie, glazed doughnuts, French Madeleines, gizzada, Pavlova, and lemon bars. The tastes are out of this world, not too sweet and not bland either: the 'sugah' is just right.

If you're into sugah, or want to get some sugah for your sugah, then check out her Instagram page: @sugahja.