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Enjoy Vegetarian Meal Delights At Olive Cove Cafe

Published:Tuesday | February 27, 2018 | 12:00 AM
A meal this attractive, must be great for you. The lentil stew (left) and filipino stew (right) with pasta is superb.
These vegeatarian meatballs are excellent with pasta. Take it from us.
The vegetarian stewed peas served with ackee plantain rolls and garnished with cucumbers and carrots should be your number one choice.
The lentil stew is one of Dennigston's favourite, so try it today.
Pescatarians, indulge in this delicious steamed fish complemented with slices of bammy, is perfect on a Friday afternoon.

Vegetarians, vegans and adventurous foodies, it's time to indulge in vegetarian delights.

Thanks to Olive Cove Cafe, food lovers can enjoy a myriad of delicious dishes whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The cafe, which started out as a mother-and-daughter venture by Patricia and her daughter Balie Denniston in 2016, is now managed by Balie.

Located at 94M Old Hope Road, the restaurant sets out to awe foodies with unique and delectable healthy dishes. "Everyone in my family is a vegetarian," she told Food. "My parents introduced me to eating healthy when I was nine years old, and that was before the concept became popular. Now we have decided to share it with the world because it's tasty," Denniston said.

The cafe's cool, calm, and quaint atmosphere invites you to enter and enjoy vegetables prepared in ways you have never thought of - like the veggie meatball, which are to die for.


Different dishes


The delicious dishes are simply irresistible, and will take your taste buds on a joyride across town and back. The vegetarian stewed peas served with ackee plantain rolls is perfect for adventure seekers who want to fully experience the sweet joys of being a vegetarian. "The vegetable stewed peas is the restaurant's top seller. People always say it tastes as if pig's tails are in it, but there isn't," Denniston assured Food. The delicious lentil stew, tempting vegetarian pasta, and appetising steamed fish are three other delicacies you must try at Olive Cove Cafe. All dishes are served with a side order of your palate's likings. Yams, plantains, rice and peas, and callaloo rice are a few of the appetising options you'll have to choose from to complete your meal.

Olive Cove Cafe is always experimenting to create mouth-watering dishes. Vegetarians are considered to have limited options in food, and this is a notion Dennistion has combated with the scrumptious variety she offers.

The small food sanctuary reflects the reality that 'healthy foods are fuel and not therapy.' "Your body is a temple that requires nutritious foods, and this bistro is one expert you must seek for fuel. A lot of people believe that eating healthily is punishment, or you have to be sick to eat healthy. But, we want to show our customers that eating healthy can be fun," she said.

You'll always have an exciting experience at the Olive Cove Cafe. It's an experience your taste buds and body will thank you for making. So, try it today. "And remember, don't come to the Olive Cove expecting boring and plain vegetables," Denniston said.