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Backyard Meadows: 100 per cent natural and fermented noni juice

Published:Tuesday | March 6, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley/ Lifestyle Writer
Packaged at an international standard, the Backyard Measow noni juice is hard to miss.
Kevin Williams with his new product.
Do something good for your body with healthy noni juice.

There's a fruit called noni. It's not tasty. in fact, it has a tarty taste, but believe us when we say, it has sweet benefits. You do not have to eat it. instead, you could drink it. A good place to get noni juice is Backyard Meadows, a new company that produces great noni juice.

The budding family business began through the vision of Kevin Williams and his wife two years ago. "I started by going into people's yards everywhere I saw them and asking them if I could pick the fruits off their trees. And everyone said yes, because they didn't want the fruit to make the place smell. I got as much as I could. Then, I researched and refined the process," Williams explained.

Now, the couple has started to grow the fruit in their backyard. Cultivating noni began as a hobby for Williams. Today, it has blossomed into a booming business, with customers begging for more of the healthy drink. The couple offers the juice in two flavours - the original noni and noni grape.

"We began producing noni because as much as we can source the fruit, we want to vouch for our product. We want to watch it from the root to the tree and to the fruit," he said. The fermented beverage is 100 per cent natural and is available in 21 locations throughout Kingston and St Catherine. It's perfect for persons who want to maintain their health without making excruciating scarifies.




Some persons will say that the fruit is bitter, but Williams has a different reasoning.

"Noni has never been bitter. It has a unique taste, like anything else. You cannot compare noni to anything. And I won't tell you that it is delicious, because, simply, it isn't," Williams told Food.

Remember, noni juice is one of the most affordable ways to improve your health. So, be sure to get yours from Backyard Meadows.


5 benefits of Noni:


- It detoxifies the body at a cellular level.

- It erodes the foundation of diseases.

- Noni juice acts as an excellent pain reliever.

- Noni juice helps to give you the energy you need to conduct your daily activities, even those tedious and strenuous exercises.

- Noni helps persons who suffer from sleep disorders to return to their better sleeping habits.