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The Best of Both Worlds with Nescafe

Published:Tuesday | March 20, 2018 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence/Staff Reporter
Nescafe coffee
Senior Key Account Manager Nescafe Frappelatte serves up the frozen treat.
Steven Cornwall closes his eyes and makes a mental memory of the sweet rich flavour of Nescafe's Frappelatte.
When one Frapplatte just isn't enough, so you go for seconds and add a touch of guilty pleasures.
Adding a bit of crushed milo cookies on top - no cherry needed.

The Nescafe Frappelatte is the new kid on the block in the Jamaican market. It has been here for four months, and this ice-cream coffee is something that even the strongest of coffee lovers can enjoy. Nestle has managed to make the perfect blend of coffee and cream - enough coffee to give that punch without overpowering the cream; with a rich, smooth, creamy texture and sweet flavour but not enough to dim the shine of the coffee.

Nestle had a small tasting at their head office with three coffee and ice cream lovers - Project Officer at National Insurance Fund Diana Kellier, dancer and gym instructor Steven Cornwall, and owner of Kaelyn Creations - Hand Poured Aromatherapy Candles Shanoya Edwards.

Kellier was quick to let out the disclaimer that she was a black coffee kind of woman. Then she tasted the Frappelatte, and she was sold.

"The Frappelatte generously excited my tastebuds. Very smooth, pleasant, and exquisite," she told Food.

Cornwall let out a pleasing "mmm" that could only be described as satisfaction. His compliments somewhat mirrored those of Kellier, adding that the coffee gave the ice cream an extra kick and that delicious was just not enough to describe it.

"Very creamy, goes down well. It has the Nescafe coffee taste that we love, but it is not overpowering. Overall, a great-tasting product," Edwards added. On her second serving, she added one of her favourites - Milo cookie. Cornwall did the same. Kellier opted for one of her favourites - a Kit Kat.

All were further intrigued by the combinations of these sweet treats and ice cream. Senior Key Account Manager for Nescafe Frappelatte Trezar Lopez said that Nestle did their research and found that this was perfect for the Jamaican market. Jamaicans love coffee, and their love for desserts is growing, so giving them the best of Nescafe coffee and the best of Nestle's ice cream, there is no way they could go wrong

Your Frappelatte may be had at gas station commissaries, restaurants, and MegaMart Cost Clubs islandwide.