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Forever fresh With Organic Seafood Network

Published:Wednesday | March 21, 2018 | 12:00 AMLatara Boodie/Gleaner Writer
Enjoy a fruity seafood medley served with a bowl of coconut raisin rice.
Satisfy your taste buds with the catch of the day in a burger.
Satisfy your taste buds with is said to be the best conch soup in Kingston.
Organic Seafood networkFresh from the sea to the plate, steam fish served with bammy and crackers.
Tasty lobster burger served with sweet potato chips.

With the surplus of diet related illnesses over the past 10 years, many are on the quest to live a healthier lifestyle by eliminating bad food, bad habits and monitoring their consumer intake a lot more closely. With this new outlook came the rise in 'organic' produce worldwide.

But what does it mean to consume 'organic' food? According to The Soil Association, organic means working with nature, not against it. It involves using natural methods to manage pests and reduce the chemical exposure to the plants and animals we consume.

This is the mission of Lloiid Thomas, managing director of Organic Seafood Network Restaurant, Bar and Market, which opened in April 2016.

After spending several years within the United States of America, Thomas returned with a need to invest in his home country. Organic Seafood Network is the brainchild of Thomas after he realised he could not obtain quality fish within the heart of Kingston.

"You cannot say seafood in its purest form is organic. Some fish are farm raised that people tinker with. Some have added preservatives before they are frozen and sold to the public. This is process fish and we do not do that. Organic Seafood Network provides fish that is straight from the sea to your plate," explained Thomas.

The layout of the restaurant incorporates a display area, which allows persons to choose their fish prior to preparation. There is a glass window into the kitchen where one can sit and watch their fish while it is being prepared. "This is to show there is not trickery involved with cooking the fish," said Thomas.

Thomas prides himself on obtaining his fish from small local farmers. "I am from St. Thomas, so I go there to get my fish as well as produce on a daily basis," he said.


Unique experience


At Organic Seafood Network enjoy a bowl of conch soup out of a coconut shell, curry pineapple shrimp, steam fish and bammy and lobster burger in a relaxing environment.

"Our main ingredient in all our dishes is coconut," said Thomas.

Organic Seafood Network is located at 19 Balmoral Ave, Kingston 10. You can or call 620-9242. Visit their instagram or facebook page @organicseafoodnetwork.