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Party of ten, please?

Published:Thursday | March 22, 2018 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson/Gleaner Writer
This new Dehli Mexicana, made of soft roti taco shell, Adobo spiced pumpkin salsa, grilled shrimp, cucumber raita and hibiscus flower will take your tastebuds on a delicious ride.
If you love wonton, then you need to try this beef briwat. The secret is in the scotch nones infused honey sauce.
The lovely face of Partty of Ten Catering, Chef Samantha George with a wide array of her scrumptious dishes.
If you like pina colada, then you will fall in love with this vegan spin of the sweet treat: fresh coconut noodles, pineapple rum compote, fresh strawberries, roasted cinnamon, nut crumbles, mint and fresh coconut water.
It's sushi time! Roll your palate around this vegan sushi with smoked vreadfruit ans curried ackee vegetable roll, served with a sesame soy sauce.
Get supreme with Chef George's pan seared chichekn breast cut in bandy butter, chicken jus with roasted vegetables and truffle cream

Samantha George has made it her mission to bridge that gastronomic gap, tapping into palatable pleasures with her new company, Party of Ten Catering.

The young wife and mother of two boys explained that her culinary roots stem from her family and the tasty meals they freshly prepared. "Growing up, seeing my mom make magic in the kitchen, how she would make spectacular breakfasts so quickly and how my nanny would roll dumplings with dexterity, precision and almost like an art form, it became a strong interest." This inspired her to follow in their footsteps.

While pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Food Service Management, with a major in culinary arts, from the University of Technology, she garnered first hand cooking experiences through internships at the restaurant located on campus, Lillian's. This, she said, served as "a platform for the development of my confidence in the kitchen, and helped build my professional repertoire".

Now that she is the 'head cook and bottle feeder' for her immediate family, she applies the 'mother's touch' technique placed in every meal at home into her catering business. Cooking for her means living well, combining natural herb and spices to tell a story of authentic flavour, which has a happy ending of mouth watering Jamaican-infused dishes eager to savour. She is also of the view that if it isn't perfect, she isn't plating it - visual presentation goes 'hand in plate' with the mind-blowing taste.

As a budding businesswoman, the lack of capital with extremely high start-up costs, low profit margins and being inexperienced as an entrepreneur, are just some of the issues she has come face to face with. But she stays focused and remains committed to the culinary cause. "I'm actively involved in the catering process, from meal planning and preparation to delivery. I believe sharing the gifts and passions we have with others is the truest way to live and to love, being creative with bold flavours from simple or even unconventional ingredients."

And her loving husband, Darren, supports her and her dreams, in more ways than one. "Darren is a photographer so he's good with pictures and videos, helping me to create content, web design and social-media strategy, and teaching me how to get better photos and edit videos." And when she has projects, he helps his wife with her plans, and he cooks at home.

So, if you're trying to find a caterer, then look no further: Party of Ten please?

For more information, Call 320-7705, email: or visit their social media pages: Facebook: @partyoftencatering or Instagram: @chefsamanthageorge