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Surprisingly Sweet - These Vegan Desserts Take the Cake

Published:Thursday | April 19, 2018 | 12:44 AMLatara Boodie

April has been a great month for food, serving up a variety of mouth-watering delights which have created a frenzy among food lovers. Among them was a unique concoction of savoury and surprisingly sweet vegan selections created by 26-year-old Jhanelle Golding.

Her company, Surprisingly Sweet, is a vegan desserts delivery service, which is only available for the month of April. The venture started in May 2016 as a series of pop-up shops by Golding, who currently resides in Japan, but is always eager and willing to share her vegan delights whenever she returns to Jamaica.  

“I always loved cooking and baking, so after I stopped eating eggs and dairy (and eventually become vegan), I started experimenting in my kitchen by eliminating all types of animal products from my favourite sweet and savoury recipes,” explained the vibrant and energetic Golding. 

Vegan desserts are an ethical, cruelty-free way of getting that sweet fix without sacrificing flavour. They are also great for persons avoiding eggs and dairy products. Many persons believe vegan food is bland and boring, especially the desserts, but being the food enthusiast that she is, Golding was up for the challenge.

“I decided to start Surprisingly Sweet, making and selling vegan desserts. The name means 'surprisingly good', which is the most common reaction I get when persons try my vegan desserts for the first time,” said Golding.

While in Japan, Golding spends most of her free time searching and creating new vegan options. Her Instagram account, @fromthecomfortofmybowl, offers a visual journey through her culinary creations. Witness exciting excursions and Jamaican-Japanese fusions, all served in a traditional Japanese bowl.   

Only for this month, Surprisingly Sweet offers a wide selection of desserts which include cashew parfait cups, choco coco kiwi tarts, rocky road brownies and their signature cinnamon roll.

“I usually let the customers decide for themselves. I only use photos of my own desserts on the social media pages so customers can see exactly what they are getting. The cinnamon rolls tend to be most popular,” said Golding. 

With just a few weeks left in production, indulge in a Surprisingly Sweet dessert by placing your order today. Call (876) 803-4681 or email: