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Rotii Express, the weekend soul food provider

Published:Tuesday | May 1, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley/Lifestyle Writer
Rose Bachan (right) and Rohan Reid, owners of Rotii Express and Catering Services in Greater Portmore, St Catherine.
Rose Bachan surely knows how to tease your taste buds with scrumptious soul food.
This rich plate of curried shrimp with sweet mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables, will have your taste buds dancing to the tune of good food.
Curried goat and roti has never been this good. Take it from us.
If you've never had conch, this plate of steamed conch with turned cornmeal, sweet corn and steamed vegetables should be a priority.

We all know there is no way we can survive without some good soul food. And if you're searching for that delicious bite, Rotii Express, a weekend bistro in Portmore, is your answer.

With the restaurant providing authentic and signature curry meals with strong tastes that will rush from the tip of your tongue, you will surely be pleased. The year-old eatery and catering service is owned by the chirpy trio, Kaydian and Rose Bachan and Rohan Reid, who aim to satisfy your hunger.

Kaydian Bachan is the sole chef. She has mastered culinary arts, a gift she boasts she inherited from her parents and one she timidly avoided as a child.

"Rotii Express is something that I prayed about and asked God to show me something that I could earn from. I went abroad last year and bought a rolling pin, having no idea what I would do with it... and now, here we are," she explained to Food in a recent interview.

The eatery offers a myriad of scrumptious meals you can choose from to satisfy and tantalise your taste buds and soothe your cravings. Meals such as their famous curry goat with roti, plantains and steamed vegetables will certainly take your palate on a savoury joyride.

"Everybody does curry, especially curry goat. But I bring a lot of style to my curry goat. Before I started cooking curry goat, I never saw a plate of curry goat in any restaurant that I would buy. There is a secret in how I prepare it. Rotii Express has revolutionised how to prepare curry goat," she said.

And for a finger-licking experience, the signature curried shrimp, served with mashed sweet potato and steamed vegetables, is the only way to go. The steamed conch, spiced with curry, served with some good old turned cornmeal, sweet corn and steamed vegetables, is another great choice. And certainly, every meal is perfectly spiced to make you scream to the delight of a plate of good food.

Rotii Express offers delivery services only in Portmore and the Kingston Corporate Area. Now, with the weekend eatery celebrating its anniversary, they are moving from merely delivering meals and catering to giving foodies a sit-down dining experience that will last a lifetime. Remember, good food is soul food. It's time to get some soul food.