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Pranganat blending sweet flavours

Published:Tuesday | July 17, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley/Lifestyle Writer
Natural juices at Pranganat.
Natural juices at Pranganat.
Natural juices at Pranganat.

Pranganat is a powerhouse that provides flavoursome, healthy smoothies for everyone in and around town. It's owned by Sasha-Gail Haase, an ambitious immigration consultant who comprehends the significance of organic farming and the secret of using fruits to bring forth great tastes.

The smoothie sanctuary is based at 7th Avenue Plaza in Half Way Tree and offers a variety of delicious blended selections that are guaranteed to enlighten your taste buds to start a conversation.

Strawberry quencher, get up stand up, pineapple cooler, summertime fine, nutty buttercup (a peanut butter blend), cool green, mango crush and energiser, the newest addition, are a few choices you can choose. But berry delite and get up stand up have been voted by some foodies as the best. Also, fruits, spices, nuts, oatmeal, yogurt, vegetables, seeds and protein and almond milk for the major ingredients that Haase uses in her treats. This is the reason powerful flavours will pop out of whichever drink you'll have.

"We take the time to perfect our blends to ensure that customers get the highest quality. We stand out because of the excellent prices. Customers are quite often shocked by the fact that our green smoothies are delicious. Many believe that healthier options are less tasty," she told Food.

Its name is authentically Jamaican and is intended to reflective the nature of all country folks. Pranganat is the Creole term for the luscious fruit pomegranate. Haase noted that in addition to pomegranates being loaded with nutrients and health benefits, the word pranganat is a friendly reminder of the rural Jamaican lifestyle, which brings about a feeling of pure and genuine happiness.

"We cater to persons of varying lifestyles and budgets. I strongly believe that healthy food options should be affordable and easily accessible and persons are able to choose from an ever-expanding menu. We support local farmers and use organic ingredients where possible. We provide a warm and friendly environment, and customers can feel good knowing that they are being served the best ingredients," she said.

Assuredly, you'll have a palatable experience with each taste of the creamy beverage; and coupled with a warm, friendly service, you will be running to the smoothie kingdom for another bellyful.