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Enjoy bold Jamaican Flavour at Alexander's

Published:Tuesday | July 31, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley/Lifestyle Writer
This plate of delectable veggie chunks irie style, served with fried plantains and fresh vegetables is perfect for curious vegetarians.
Ackee and corned pork with fried plantains, callaloo, and yams should be one of your top breakfast choices.
The famous and delicous chicken burger with ripe plantains and French fries.
Shrimp tempura in sour dipping sauce, paired with a glass of Jamaican rum punch, is all you will need for the afternoon.
Jerk sausages in cream gravy and fried dumplings is another great choice.
Perfect proprtions of Jamaican flavours in the callaloo omlette and toas done just right.
Executive Chef Mark Dekrines poses with his favourite dish.

Imagine a juicy chicken burger, made of ground chicken breast flavoured with jerk seasonings, grilled and coated with jerk sauce in a soft bread. Dream up a plate of fiery fresh French fries and plantains beside that burger. That's what you could be having for lunch.

It's 'Emancipendence', a time of grand jubilation to mark our freedom. So, what's better than celebrating this time with exquisite food? The Alexander's Restaurant is where you should be heading to get flavourful offerings of scrumptious, real Jamaican breakfasts and lunches.

Based at The Courtleigh Hotel & Suites in New Kingston, Alexander's provides a wide variety of uniquely prepared dishes that will intensify the 'independence' vibe.

Mark Dekrines, the executive chef of the food paradise, told Food that he and his team of other talented chefs are prepared to go the extra mile for the satisfaction of their customers. This includes sourcing the finest quality meats, produce, and seafood.

"Our menus are widely varied with something to please everyone. We do not like to say no, so special requests like tweaking a dish or even preparing something not on the menu is always done with a smile," he explained.

The savoury taste of ackee and corned pork, paired with fried plantains, callaloo and yams, will have you being a constant at the award-winning bistro.

"People come from near and far for this because of our specially cured pork, not overly salty and full of juicy, fatty goodness. Have it with fried dumplings and callaloo for that perfect Sunday after-church breakfast," the master chef boasted.

That's not all. The jerked pork sausages simmering in cream gravy, served over fried dumplings, is another exceptional choice. Also, chicken breast cooked to perfection in a similar fashion is another option, if you want to replace the sausages. The tempting Jamaican omelette with ackee and salt fish, callaloo, and toasted bread will take your senses on a joyride.




"The coconut tempura shrimp is our most popular bar menu item. It's the perfect appetiser to have with your favourite libation, expertly made and served by our ever-smiling bartender. Also, vegetarians delight in our offerings, like our veggie chunks Irie style, which you can have any way you want," Chef Dekrines added.

Wednesday nights, they say, are the best times for you to allow your palate to lead you to the eatery. The special entertainment and even greater food options, like jerked pork,chicken,snapper, beef or lamb prepared over sweet wood and country coal are to die for.

As the chef says, "Alexander's at the Courtleigh is a cut above the rest; and as we say in Jamaica, when you go, you know."