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Healthy and Tasty Made Easy

Published:Thursday | August 2, 2018 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson/Gleaner Writer
The dynamic duo Michael Hayle (left) and Bert Tomlinson.
Grilled chicken tender and juicy with every bite.
Spicy just got sweeter with this curried shrimp accompanied by smooth mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables.
Mouth-watering roasted pineapple-infused salmon served on a bed of filling pasta with steamed broccoli.
Easy Diet take out
Chef Julian Fray showcasing a flambé of flavour. PHOTOS BY Kenyon Hemans/Photographer

Resolving the issue of healthy living has become simpler with The Easy Diet Store.

Food turned up the heat and stepped into the kitchen with co-owners, Bert Tomlinson and Michael Hayle. A flaming shrimp flambÈ later, we sought shade in the great outdoors to find out more about how to make a healthy lifestyle 'easy'. The dynamic duo both enjoy fitness and are passionate about all things health. After seeing a gastronomic gap in the health food industry in and around the Corporate Area, they decided to fill it with hearty flavour.

The Easy Diet Store, according to Tomlinson, was created out of the need for quick, healthy and tasty alternatives for foodies and health aficionados. "So many persons are looking around for healthy food and can't find it. They either buy the food at the grocery store and prepare it from home. or grab whatever they can on the go, usually fast food. We've decided to make this healthy choice easier for you."

Officially operating since March, business has been doing well because of the wide variety of delectable dishes available to customers. Chef Julian Fray, with three years in the culinary field, has been with the restaurant since inception. "Customers love the salmon. They can't get enough of the signature recipe," he said. He looks forward to meeting new customers, and gets excited about cooking to their taste and leisure.

"Being healthy doesn't mean you have to starve yourself or that it has to be void of taste. We're trying to change that, playing on flavour to ensure that our customers keep coming back and spread the word. We make it easy to diet and get you into healthy eating," Hayle added.

Tantalising treats such as wraps, mini wraps, salads, sandwiches and the mouth-watering choices of grilled chicken, salmon, curried shrimp and many more, with sides of steamed vegetables and potatoes are now within easy reach. All meals include a calorie count, so you are aware of the culinary consumption.

Aside from offering daily meals via takeout or delivery, the restaurant also provides meal prep services weekly. Backed by Nutritionist, Dr Joy Callender who reviewed the food and the business, she highly recommend the eatery while they recommend customers to the good nutritionist for the full health regime.

The Easy Diet Store hopes to one day expand its savoury supply to a divine dine-in experience. So take care of your nutritional needs without worrying - streamline your way to tasty, healthy living today.

For more information, contact The Easy Diet Store at 876-648-1110, check out their website: edietstore.com on Facebook: Easy Diet Store or on Instagram: @edietstore