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Turn Up The Heat With Dacres Back Yaad Jerk Seasoning

Published:Thursday | August 9, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley/Gleaner Writer
The mouth-watering pan fried fish fillet in a pool of creamy coconut sauce.
Grilled tofu with a mango salsa, crispy chips and glazed with droplets of a blend of lime juice and honey, may very well be your choice.
Looking scrumptious, the pan fried fish fillet immaculately seasoned witht he chef's new jerk season is a delight.
Chef Dacres prepared the tofu with an extra spice.

Making people happy through good food is a mantra that propels Anthony Dacres, a 20-year- old private chef in St Thomas. Cooking from as early as six years old, the young chef has now turned up the heat in the kitchen with a new savoury, fiery spice called the Dacres Back Yaad Jerk Seasoning.

Dacres' Back Yaad Jerk Seasoning is intent on standing out from the culinary crowd already on the market, and according to Dacres, it is his mission to bring a different aura to your cooking area.

"Wow, this seasoning is very vibrant, and as my slogan says, it puts vibes in your pot. Everything is just different about it. If you're a lover of jerked food, try the seasoning. And you can use it with almost everything, like on your stewed chicken and in your seasoned rice," Chef Dacres told Food.

The professional has been using the condiment for a long while to occasionally jazz up the taste of traditional meals, and even those he has experimented with. But recently, he felt an urge to share it with other food lovers.

Vinegar, onion, scallion, pimento, garlic, Scotch bonnet pepper, allspice, and nutmeg are a few of the ingredients Chef Dacres uses to create his hot product. "I also use a lot of other secret ingredients," he said.

He asserts that irrespective of your diet, whether you're a meat lover, vegetarian, vegan or pescatarian, the flavouring is a great choice that will perfect any dish.

To support his claim, Chef Dacres prepared two dishes guaranteed to tease taste buds. The interesting taste of grilled tofu coated with the jerk seasoning, paired with a luscious salsa made of mango, carrot, red onions, lime juice and honey was the first offering. A delicious serving of pot-fried fish in coconut juice followed palatable pursuit.

"You can try to make these for yourself. I used the tofu to show vegetarians that they too can be creative with my product. If you choose to make the fish, it can be paired with garlic potatoes, and parsley rice. But if you want a true Jamaican option, have it with dumplings and bananas," he said.

For more information on how to receive Chef Dacres' services or how to get Dacres Back Yaad Jerk Seasoning on your table, call 876-478-7300 or find him on Instagram: @chefdacres