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Angler's Catch of the Day

Published:Thursday | August 23, 2018 | 12:09 AMLatara Boodie/Gleaner Writer
Signature steamed fish goes perfectly with the Angler’s Special cocktail, which has Appleton Special, pineapple juice and other classified ingredients at its core.
Butter garlic lobster and the bittersweet taste of Campari Orange create the perfect combination of flavours.
From left: Chef Trevor Pearson, assistant manager Orvin Parker, and Chef Oshane Lindsay are ready to serve at Angler’s Restaurant and Bar.
A side of pressed green plantain is served with any of the entrees offered at Angler’s.
Enjoy signature Appleton, Wray and Nephew and Campari mixes at Angler’s Restaurant and Bar in St Ann’s Bay.

Tucked along the main road in St Ann's Bay is Angler's Restaurant and Bar, which specialises in fresh seafood dishes and other Jamaican delights. Since 2012, Angler's has dominated the hearts of seafood lovers within St Ann's Bay and set the standard for high-quality seafood in the area.

The wooden decor at Angler's Restaurant and Bar provides a rustic oasis surrounded by lush vegetation. Surprisingly, one would not be aware of the hustle and bustle along the main road as one settles into the deep rum barrel chairs while indulging in the chef's pick of the day. Allow your mind to slow down as you relax and sip on ice-cold Appleton cocktails while listening to the rhythmic thud of almond pods falling from the surrounding broadleaf trees.

"I got tired of walking into restaurants and feeling like I was bothering people," explained restaurant owner Sasha Cunningham. She prides Angler's on being able to provide excellent service from her highly trained staff. "Persons will feel welcomed every time they come," she said.

Angler's Restaurant and Bar began their partnership with Appleton Estate in June 2012. "Appleton planned and engaged in our vision, which helped us a lot. They played a crucial role in the renovations and provision of furniture for our dining area. They were the first sponsor to come to us and we are grateful to have them on board," said Cunningham.

Their must-try dishes include the soft and succulent grilled lobster slathered in herb-induced garlic butter for a savoury fresh-from-the-ocean taste. This can be paired with a bittersweet Campari orange cocktail. Angler's signature steamed fish is served with a colourful array of steamed vegetables. When paired with Angler's special cocktail, experience an explosion of sweet and salty flavours with Appleton Special rum at its core.

Their final must-try entree is a highly requested local favourite. For all the spicy lovers, the peppered shrimp will blow you away with its daredevil concoction of flavours that are not for the faint-hearted. However, Angler's has paired this dish with the Wray Daiquiri, which is sweet, zesty and fresh enough to tame the severity of the spicy shrimp.

Angler's Restaurant and Bar is located at Gloucester Dr, St Ann's Bay. For more information call (876) 794-8449.