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Ashebre delivers with a taste of Luxury

Published:Thursday | September 6, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley/Lifestyle Writer
The keys to the magical pasta.
Jerk Marinated Pork Loin drizzled with citrus gastrique sauce and served with Green Plantain.
Panko Crusted Chicken Satay with a smoked tomato sour cream dip.
Chef Oji Jaja and his Ashebre team can really do no wrong. Here is Ammesha Samuels with a pleased smile as a testament to the miniature cheesecakes and double chocolate fudge gateau.

Oji Jaja and his Ashebre team got the young professionals at The Gleaner's Lifestyle Mingle excited about the culinary lap of Luxury last Friday. The mood was set and attendess were eager to share in the knowledge of achieveing the life of splendour. 'The Virtual Restaurant' was the perfect fit with persons anxious to try everything that came from the kitchen.

One of the biggest hits for the night was the alluring mezze penne pasta station. The proof of the amazing pasta was in in the constant queue that had repeat customers who just could not get enough of the spice the pasta such as pesto cream, broccoli, Parmesan cheese, fresh herbs and grilled chicken.

And when they thought it couldn't have been better, trays of succulent jerk marinated pork loin complemented with the zesty citrus gastrique sauce and fried green plantains kept coming at them. Mango barbecue chicken satay and panko crusted chicken satay dipped in smoked tomato sour cream also kept their taste buds busy. Then it was time for desert. Assorted miniature cheese makes perfected with whipped cream and strawberries and double chocolate fudge gateau with chocolate whipped cream and gold pearls were the toothsome goodies that satisfied their gustatory cells.

The Appleton Estate sponsored bar provided cocktails that served as exquisite thirst quenchers and kept the excited guests strolling to the drink station for several rounds. Apothetic wines wines too also kept them spirited.

Keeping in sync with drinking responsibly, Salada Foods provided hot and iced coffee. To add to the sweetness of the affair, they continued to feed the guests with luscious cookies.