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Davia Douglas wins miracle 'Lick Di Spot' sauce competition at PAN 2018 Regional 1

Published:Wednesday | September 5, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Winner of the Miracle Lick di Spot Sauce Competition Davia Douglas receiving her gift basket.
Marilyn Blake from St Mary finished in second place in the sauce competition receiving a gift basket.
Andrew McNeil from St Ann placed 3rd in the sauce competition, collecting prize.

Two Saturdays ago, Davia Douglas had one thing in mind when she participated in PAN 2018 Regional 1 at Folly Oval, Portland.

"I entered the competition because I wanted to advance to the Grand Final. The plan was, if I won at the finals, I would give the money to my mother, so she could open a restaurant", Douglas explained.

Her mother, Carole Maxwell, was the parish winner for Portland at PAN 2017 Regional 2.

Although she did not advance to the Grand Final, Douglas still walked away a winner. She was declared first place winner in the Miracle 'Lick Di Spot' Sauce competition.

"This year, the Miracle sauce competition again tested the creativity of the entrants to create the Miracle 'Lick di Spot' sauce. Each competitor received a kit made up of Miracle Ketchup, Miracle Tropical Fruit Punch, Miracle Soy Sauce, Miracle Guava Jam and Miracle Browning as their base ingredients. The competitors were charged to create a unique sauce and the winner received a basket of Seprod products valued at over $30,000," said Kerrian Johnson, group marketing manager, Seprod, manufacturers and distributors of the Miracle line of products.

"The experience was amazing and I met a lot of new persons. Overall it was a lot of fun for me," said Douglas. The Fairy Hill, Portland, resident said she also learnt different techniques in the preparation of pan chicken.

"I did learn a lot from the competition, including different techniques," said Douglas, who is employed as a consultant at Sutherland Global.

"When I heard Miss Kitty announce my name as the winner of the sauce competition, I was so shocked. I was looking behind me and asking if that was really my name that she called," Douglas said jokingly.

"I used jackfruit, coconut milk, Red Stripe Beer, cock-noodles, barbecue sauce, Miracle Tomato Ketchup and butter. I blended the jackfruit, boiled the coconut milk then added butter. I then added the jackfruit juice and then the barbecue sauce, the Red Stripe Beer and the ketchup," Douglas explained.

The runners-up in the Miracle 'Lick Di Spot' Sauce competition at PAN 2018 Regional 1 were:

2nd place - Marilyn Blake (St Mary)

3rd place - Andrew McNeil (St Ann)

The top 3 winners at the PAN 2018 Grand Final, scheduled for the National Stadium on Sunday, October 28, will each receive one year's supply of Miracle Ketchup.