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The sweet delights of Island Coffees Cafe

Published:Thursday | September 13, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley/ Gleaner Writer
Island Coffe cafe Co- owner Anastasia Surtees enjoying a drink and gazing out over the sea.

With just two months at their new waterfront home, Island Coffees Cafe has already started to create waves in downtown Kingston.

Anastasia Surtees, part owner of the cafe, told Food that their coffee is incomparable to others.

"We use a special dark roasted Blue Mountain coffee and that's what makes us different. We know that majority of the other places use the medium roast. But we are sticking to ours because it does not leave a bitter aftertaste in your mouth," she explained.

The coffee has a rich pleasant nutty flavour that leaves a mild savoury trace infused with subtle hints of chocolate on your tongue. This haven offers a wide variety of delicious options, including vegan alternatives that are just as delectable as their traditionally roasted variety. In fact, it's made the old- fashioned way with a coffee chemist so you'll be able to enjoy the pristine beverage hot or chilled. But before delving into the sweet sensations, stop and take a moment to inhale these floating accented flavours - it's right under your nose.

The vegan latte is perfect for those who prefer non-dairy products. The shakes, especially selections like the coffee or Irish cream, will have a lasting effect. They'll undoubtedly expand your appreciation of different tastes. Plus, if you want to make the tasting affair more spirited, you can't go wrong with the interesting kahlua iced latte and its well-defined rum flavour or any other coffee cocktail.




There's more to the bistro than great coffee. The meals are equally appetising. One of the most popular meals here is the ackee and salt fish crunch wrap, toasted to perfection. The veggie wrap and jerked chicken salad are others that you'll find enticing, and of course, healthy.

Every meal is available throughout the day. This means you can have breakfast or lunch anytime you want. Furthermore, if you're craving for a delightful treat, cookies, muffins and other desserts await to dance happily on your taste buds.

"Our aim is to have all our customers leave here smiling,whether or not you buy anything. Here. it's not about the money we make, instead it's about giving others an unforgettable experience," Surtees said.

So, go ahead and get the complete culinary joyride at Island Coffees Cafe.