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Seafood craze at Island Vibz

Published:Tuesday | September 18, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley/ Gleaner Writer
Vegans and vegetarians can enjoy this vegan wrap made with crunchy and fresh vegetables.
The delicious jerked shrimp coconut pasta is pleasing to taste buds.
Steamed parrotfish with coconut-steamed bammy should be your top choice.
There's no way you can leave the bar without a glass of the interesting Campari Ice Medley.
Smooth sailing with the Vibz pineapple-lemon piña colada is only possible at Island Vibz Seafood Sports Bar and Grill.
Akelia Currie, head chef and owner of Island Vibz, poses with her favourite, steamed parrotfish with coconut-steamed bammy.
Akelia Currie, head chef and owner of Island Vibz, makes a glass of the interesting Campari Ice Medley.

Island Vibz Seafood Sports Bar and Grill is cooking up a seafood craze in Manor Park Centre. The cool, calm, intimate bistro is owned by Akelia Currie, a skilful culinary artist. She told Food that her three-year-old homestyle restaurant is the perfect substitute for your kitchen. "When you come here, I want you to feel at home. I want to take you back to the time when your grandmother used to cook or when you and your friends decide to 'run a boat'," she said. She's been in the kitchen since she was just 12 years old. Now, she's training her team to continue to please taste buds.




She experiments with flavours continuously, whipping up delicious meals that will create waves in your mouth. "When I'm cooking, I do it as if I am preparing it for myself because if I go to a restaurant where the meals are not prepared well, I won't go back.So, I don't do it because of money, but because I love it," the chef said.

Whether you want to sit and dine, have your meal on the go, or have it delivered to your door, you can't go wrong at Island Vibz. Plus, the food is guaranteed to give you the euphoric gastronomic experience you desire. Currie's food sanctuary is best known for its signature conch soup, which whets your appetite for other scrumptious meals. A plate of steamed parrotfish with coconut-steamed bammy should be enough to satisfy your hunger. But if that's not enough, the Vibz jerked coconut shrimp pasta, perfected with the kitchen's homemade sauce, is another option. Although it's a seafood hub, other delectable meaty offerings are at your fingertips. Curried goat, for one, is an option that will leave your mouth watering for more.




Every day at Island Vibz Sports Bar and Grill is fantastic, but Saturdays are superb. Saturdays are reserved for karaoke, so imagine enjoying your favourite meal or chilling at the bar while being entertained.

The drink station is where you'll find the Vibz pineapple-lemon piÒa colado and Campari ice medley. They are two thirst quenchers you simply cannot resist. Now, go ahead. It's time for you to join the craze.

For more details, contact Island Vibz Seafood Sports Bar and Grill at 876-669-7330 or 876-866-8789. You may visit them @islandvibz on Instagram. rocheda.bartley@gleanerjm.com