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Seafood the Jabba Way

Published:Tuesday | September 25, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley/ Gleaner Writer

Young chef, Jonathan Simpson is hypnotising taste receptors with dishes of delectable and fiery hot shrimp.

Several years ago, he learnt the secret recipe in preparing this delicacy in a manner that causes mouths to water. But last year, he decided to share his flavours with others.

Jabba's Peppa Swims is his brand, a name he told Food was cleverly worded to represent his Jamaican authenticity.

"It's the first thing I've ever done that people have gravitated towards so eagerly. I use to do it as a second source of income while I was working in the banking industry, but then I became redundant. So I decided to brand my product and invest full time into my business," Simpson explained.

His inviting offering keeps foodies returning and calling for more mouthfuls of the seafood goodness.




Indulging in a pleasurable moment of purely seafood delight has now become easier. The shrimp comes already packaged, seasoned with fresh herbs and spices and simmered under fire to seep in flavour after flavour after flavour. All you need to do is just add a little heat to warm up the pre-cooked slender bodied crustaceans. And you can intensify the experience by adding sensational sides that will make the moment even more incredible. A bed of spaghetti, a sizzling pasta salad, and crunchy fresh vegetables are a few options.

Focusing primarily on the standard of his item, he's enthusiastic about serving tastes to the merriment of your stomach. He asserts that using the best ingredients is his ultimate way he pleases all.

"What makes my shrimp different from the others is the fact that I maintain a consistency in a high quality taste. It's fresh and one of the best you'ell find, in the supermarket, on the beach and anywhere else that shrimp is sold," he said.

The awesome peppered shrimp can be found in several supermarkets across the island. And Simpson currently offers delivery in and around the Kingston area "and as far as the Knutsford Court Express goes."

So, don't delay: seafood the Jabba way today.

For more information, contact Jonathan Simpson at 876-296-7304 or visit his social media page @jabbaspeppaswims.